Where the Wild Things Are

by Randy Scholfield

Hermosa Creek, it's time for your close-up.

The Denver Post's outdoor writer, Scott Willoughby, recently announced a series of columns about Colorado's "Best Wild Places" -- and I was pleased to see that the inaugural column in the "Best Wild Places" lineup showcased Hermosa Creek, a spectacular backcountry watershed near Durango, where Willoughby spent a recent weekend hiking with several TU staffers, myself included.

As Willoughby noted, this is a special wild place, and all the locals agree on the need for the Hermosa Creek Watershed Protection Act, which aims to "keep it the way it is." They're just waiting for Congress to step up and pass it. See the Post's recent editorial column in support of the bill.

Kudos to the Post for their conservation-minded reporting on Hermosa and this important legislation.

It would be fitting to pass the Hermosa bill this year, the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, wouldn't it?

Congress, you listening?

Randy Scholfield is TU's communications director for the Southwest region.



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