Wolverine Envy

Quite a few of us on the TU staff are suffering from a touch of Wolverine Envy these days, thanks to a brief mention given by Hugh Jackman on The Late Show with David Letterman recently.

Several weeks ago during the famed squala hatch in western Montana, TU staffers Tom Reed and Corey Fisher took Jackman and his 14-year-old son fly fishing on the legendary Rock Creek. While Jackman's account of the trip showed less-than-stellar fishing, he was more than kind to mention both Tom and Corey on the Late Show, as well as Trout Unlimited in general.


David Letterman - Hugh Jackman Goes Fishing


Now, the TU family is a competitive one--the staff in Arlington competes annually in the Potomac River Wild Fish Challenge, posting photos and blogs about fishing The Nation's River as often as time allows. Here in the West, it's mostly about trout, but other species find their way into inter-office e-mails, complete with a little bragging and a little needling.

I think the rest of us have some ground to make up. By fishing with Jackman outside of Missoula--and getting named personally on the Late Show--Tom and Corey have clearly taken the lead in the TU bragging rights department. 

Jackman appeared on the Late Show to market a new film and his hosting roll in Broadway's Tony Awards--but when it came time for Letterman to find something the two had in common, they both settled on fly fishing. Jackman then went on to regale Letterman--an avid fly fisher, himself--with the tale of his trip to Missoula to fish (he later admitted that it was a research trip for an upcoming film called "The River," where Jackman will play the role of a fly fishing guide).

Imagine the suprise when those of us at TU--at least those of us up late enough to catch Letterman--heard Hugh Jackman mention TU and "Tom Reed and Corey" on the national broadcast.

"I'm never going to hear the end of this," I thought to myself.

But, to their credit, both Tom and Corey have remained pretty low-key about the whole thing. 

"He was a great guy," Tom told me. "We had a lot of fun."



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