You Fish. They Donate.

We might really have to twist your arm for this one.  You can help protect Bristol Bay’s world class rainbow and salmon rivers by - hold on, this is going to be tough - fishing.  Yep, that’s right, just by spending a few days and nights on some of the best fishing rivers Alaska has to offer you can help support Trout Unlimited’s Save Bristol Bay campaign.

OK, there are few specifics, but it’s still easy…you fish, someone else donates.  If you book a trip through Alaska Fly Out before March 10th, they will donate 5% of the trip’s cost to TU’s Save Bristol Bay program.  You can choose from  26 first-rate Alaska lodges and adventures  – from tenting it on a float trip to pampering your casting arm at luxury lodges.  Some lodges have even offered to match Alaska Fly Out’s 5% donation with a donation of their own!  It can’t get much better, or easier, to help support Bristol Bay.  You Fish.  They Donate.  Book your trip today.

To make you drool a little bit….

has dedicated the week of June 25th - July 3rd as a Bristol Bay awareness week. Float, fish & camp as you descend the Stuyahok River across a vast boreal landscape by raft. Catch Leopard Rainbow trout and Arctic Grayling on smolt, mice, streamers, and dry flies. Fresh Kings and Sockeye in the lower river just arriving. More than 20 stunning hours of sunshine each day. Consider the impacts the Pebble Mine will have on this river, the Bristol Bay fishery, and thousands of square miles of wilderness. Proceeds to Save Bristol Bay.

Intricate Bay Lodge - Stay at a first-rate fly out lodge that is small and personable. Intricate Bay is located in Bristol Bay with two world-class rivers as their home waters: the Copper and Gibralter. Fly outs are available daily to rivers in and around Katmai National Park including the Morraine, Funnel, Battle, American, Kvichak, New Halen, and Talarik. And, as a commitment to conservation in Alaska, Intricate Bay Lodge will match Fly Out's 5% booking donation with an additional 5% of their own until March 10th. That is 10% of the total trip price donated to help protect Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine. Take action and send your savings toward one of the most important cold-water conservation efforts of our time.

Tikchik Narrows Lodge - Fish with one of the best and most reputable fly out lodges in Bristol Bay. This world-class luxury lodge boasts 4 float planes and over 40 boats with excellent homewater on the Wood-Tikchik State Park Lake system.

Check out the trips, call your fishing buddies, and book your trip through Alaska Fly Out by March 10th.



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