You Helped Protect the Clean Water Act

Thanks to your quick action starting over the weekend and into this week, the Senate Appropriations Committee has dropped plans to hear an amendment that could have cut the Clean Water Act off at the knees. You dropped everything. You called. You shared Facebook posts and Tweets. You did it. 

And we couldn't be more grateful. 

If you’ve been following our blog, Facebook page or Twitter account this week, undoubtedly you’ve seen a lot about Congressional attacks on the Clean Water Act. Let’s take a quick second to recap what has happened over the last week:

  • We got word last Friday that a bill moving through the Senate Appropriations Committee would have an amendment offered to derail an ongoing process to clarify which bodies of water are covered by the Clean Water Act.
  • As we’ve said time and time again, this rule will protect seasonal headwater streams that are vital trout and salmon spawning habitat and provide cold clean water for larger rivers downstream. These are the nurseries of our great fisheries--where the big fish we love go to make the little fish that will put smiles on the faces of our children.
  • When we realized the vote was coming up on short notice, we turned to you, our supporters, and to TU’s staff, chapters and councils all across the country to make phone calls to their Senators on the committee.
  • Wednesday night, we learned the committee pulled the bill from consideration at the last minute.  You read that right – we won. At least for now.

This fight is far from over. We are sure to see many more attacks on this much needed proposal as it moves forward. If you haven’t yet, please take a second to comment on the proposal so we can continue to build support for it.

Before we look ahead to the next fight, though, we want to thank you. Getting this bill pulled at the last minute wouldn’t have been possible without our dedicated supporters like you, who picked up the phone and made contact with your senators.  The Senate is now on notice that America’s anglers are paying attention to what is happening to the Clean Water Act, and they know we’re strongly supportive of protections for headwater streams.

Hopefully you have a chance to get out and fish this weekend. If you do, not only can you thank the Clean Water Act for the opportunity, but you should also thank yourself for standing up for trout and salmon.


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