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Andrew is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech where he successfully revamped the Virginia Tech Fly Fishing Club through knowledge gained as a member of the U.S Youth Fly Fishing Team. He has a Bachelors ... Read more about Andrew Loffredo

Leave it to the beavers

With misty morning breaths, the Odyssey crew circled up at the entrance of Black Pine Lake in the mountains of Winthrop, Washington. Already dressed in our waders, for warmth more than anything, we stood with members of the U.S. Forest Service, Methow Beaver Project, Methow Natives and TU Washington Habitat Director, Crystal Elliot. Our job for the day, to help … Read more

A tale of water, reclamation and tough decisions

The 2018 5 Rivers Odyssey crew. Photo courtesy of Flylords It is that time of the year: long days, great hatches, and the 5 Rivers Odyssey. Now in its third year, this year’s 5 Rivers Odyssey participants will be exploring the Pacific Northwest for the next five weeks. In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, … Read more