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Welcome to our new site

Hi everyone, You may have noticed we have an updated website. All of us here at TU think it’s well past due, and we’re very excited to give you a chance to get in and explore what we’ve been working on. We’ve rearranged everything on the site, and hopefully you find it easier to find … Read more

Highlights aplenty in New Hampshire in 2018 

Crews spent weeks loading Poorfarm Brook in Gilford, N.H., with wood structures to enhance habitat. By Colin Lawson and Erin Rodgers Trout Unlimited’s staff had a busy year in New Hampshire in 2018, spending some time monitoring previously completed projects, installing new projects, and evaluating opportunities for new projects in 2019 and 2020.  From site visits, to completing field surveys, to … Read more

TU members get discount on onX app

At TU, we’re strong believers in public lands. We see these lands as a legacy for future generations and a keystone in our efforts to protect, reconnect, restore and sustain coldwater fisheries across America. These are your lands and waters, to hunt and fish and hike and enjoy within the limits and the laws of … Read more

Connecting people to policy

TU’s government and policy staff. By Chris Wood Several of the bright lights in the Trout Unlimited policy world came into the intergalactic headquarters last week. Their recent accomplishments are pretty amazing. Dave Kinney of New Jersey helped organize efforts to pass and then fund legislation for restoration in the Delaware Basin; Taylor Ridderbusch of … Read more

TU VSP Volunteer Training at Western Regional!

The TU Veterans Service Partnership (TU VSP) is pleased to announce a VSP volunteer leader training day will be offered as part of the 2019 Western Regional TU meeting in Olympia, WA on Friday, March 15th.  The VSP is one of TU Volunteer Operations fastest growing programs and presents excellent opportunities for chapters to sustain … Read more

Mimicking beavers improves trout habitat

By Crystal Elliot What do watershed resilience, high-quality fish habitat and sustainable water supplies look like in the Intermountain West? Probably much like it did before western expansion and trapping decimated North American beaver populations in the 19th century. Once numbering in the hundreds of millions, beavers played a principal role in how water moved and … Read more