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The black ant

Terrestrial season is upon us. Ants and beetles are likely already crossing the downed logs over your favorite trout stream, and I’m betting grasshoppers won’t be far behind. And trout love terrestrial bugs—they’re big mouthfuls of protein. Perhaps the simplest terrestrial bug to tie is the good old black ant. Above, Matt Callies of Loon … Read more

Random Moments

Some fly-fishing scenes are universally appealing. Trout moving on a dry fly. The rise. Even the refusal. Cheers to the folks at Carpe Diem, the Swedish YouTubers who occasionally present some really great fly-fishing videography like the short film below. Chasing trout isn’t always about catching trout—most of us get that. But it generally is … Read more

Isonychia Nymph

Classic flies tied by eastern fly fishers years ago are enjoying a renaissance of sorts. Tiers like Tim Flagler are helping make that happen. Below, Tim ties the classic Isonychia Nymph, a simple pattern that Tim says he’s fishing a lot with lately, and with great success. The pattern is an excellent dead-drifter in waters … Read more

An accidental trophy

Every now and then, I like to explore and find new water, even in parts of the world I’m very familiar with. Earlier this week, I spent some time in the fringe country of Yellowstone National Park, along the Idaho-Montana border. It’s ranch and cabin country here—there’s a lot of private land that borders public … Read more

How to Read a River

Reading the water is an acquired skill. It’s an ability that’s honed over time, and one that takes into account not only a river’s physical characteristics, but how certain stretches might fish at certain times of the year … or even certain times of the day. Above, RIO’s Simon Gawesworth helps shorten the learning curve, … Read more

Friendly faces

Molly Simpkins and Dan Gigone of Sweetwater Fly Shop in Livingston, Mont. Marketing a new book is a crapshoot, especially when it’s hyper-local content and writers are asked to a fair bit of promotion themselves to ensure the book’s success. So, when I visited Livingston, Mont., earlier this week for a book-signing and presentation at … Read more

How to tie flies with foam

Foam flies revolutionized dry-fly angling a couple of decades ago. Flies that absolutely must float—think grasshoppers, big salmon flies and other terrestrial flies, like ants and beetles—got a big boost from the foam incursion into the fly-tying arena years ago. While foam can be really effective to use in any number of patterns, it can … Read more

Fishing dry flies over gravel runs

Those long, featureless gravel runs that can be found on a lot of western rivers–and freestone rivers throughout the country–might often be trout “dead zones,” but as Orvis’ Dave Jensen points out in the video below, during hatches, these stretches of water can be very productive. Otherwise nondescript habitat, these gravel shelves can be anywhere … Read more