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Gear Test: The Generatr S100

I work. A lot. But like you, I love to fish. And one of the things I enjoy the most about our sport is time away from the office. Finding a balance between the two is hard, especially when I want to be really away from it all. Recently however, I have discovered a product … Read more

Video spotlight: Middle of Nowhere

We’ve all dreamed of being the first angler to set foot in some remote paradise. The first to cast to catch fish that have never seen a fly. That fantasy is buried in the depths of all our souls, and, sadly, for most of us, it won’t become a reality. But we can live vicariously … Read more

And the winner is …

Congratulations to Scott Hood, who nailed the “find the fish, win a fly reel” contest. You’ll recall that TROUT Magazine Editor Kirk Deeter posted a photo and asked readers to repeat, in writing, how he caught three trout from the water pictured below. alt=”” title=”” /> Here is Scott Hood’s reply: “Hopper fish caught first, … Read more

Trout Tips: The reach cast

Casting to perpendicular runs can be challenging–it’s often tough to get the right drift. Once anglers master the mend, the next tool that needs to be added to the tackle box to help get that perfect drift and send that fly downstream in a natural fashion is the reach cast. Here, TU’s Kirk Deeter demonstrates … Read more

Fly tying: Ken’s Crystal Worm

I have the same discussion with a lot of different folks about this time every year. Are flies that imitate worms … ethical? My take? Absolutely. They mimic a naturally occuring prey base in rivers, lakes and streams all over America, and, with high flows approaching in some of our snow-locked rivers, worm patterns are … Read more

Voices from the River: Gages

Fishing for steelhead at the mouth of the Carmel River in the 1960s. By Sam Davidson For most of the past year we have been living next to a river. This has changed the way I think about streams, and fishing. Every angler knows that rivers are dynamic (where they are not dammed, anyway). That … Read more

Video spotlight: Interview with a Brook Trout

Special thanks to Carolyn Thomas, a middle school science teacher at Wildwood Middle School in Shenandoah Junction, WV for today’s video. Her students worked with staff and volunteers at the National Conservation Training Center outside of Shepherdstown, WV, on this project, and they have a long list of conservation partners who work with students throughout … Read more

Video spotlight: Hank Patterson explains TU to newbies

I first met Travis Swartz several years back, when the first “Hank Patterson” videos hit YouTube and became all the range. The idea of a know-it-all guide misguiding those under his tutelage really struck a cord with the fly fishing community, and Travis’ deadpan portrayal of the “world-famous fly fishing guide and high-school graduate” was … Read more

Voices from the River: A winter respite

By Randy Scholfield Here on the Front Range, where plains meet mountains, winter weather is always unpredictable, a hit-and-run affair. We might get a foot of snow—and three days later, it’s 70 degrees and you get a hatch of Boulder dudes in shorts and flip-flops. For the past week, we’ve been having one of those … Read more