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Remembering a hero: John Weis

Longtime TU member and stream access chamption John Weis. Francisco Kjolseth photo. By Brett Prettyman John Weis always took pleasure in the simple things and never hesitated to point out the obvious. John also understood the value of something too many of us have conveniently learned to ignore – getting involved in things we are … Read more

Video spotlight: Troutlandia

When you think of massive, trophy brown trout, the South Island of New Zealand might come to mind. Or the Rio Limay of Argentina might be on your list. But a small, Appalachian freestoner in Blue Ridge, Ga.? No. No way. Well, the makers of the video above are living proof that you can visit … Read more

Video spotlight: Return to Abundance

Years ago, in my former life as a newspaper journalist, I lived on California’s North Coast in the shadows of coastal redwoods, shielded from the rest of the country by a near-constant marine layer and the understanding that, at any moment, one of the few roads into the region could be covered in mud and … Read more

Video spotlight: Kau Tapen

The windswept steppe of the Rio Grande River drainage of Tierra del Fuego is on my bucket list. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to both Argentina and Chile, but I haven’t made it this far south… yet. This southern-most region of South America is truly a fly fisher’s nirvana. With massive sea-run brown trout … Read more

Trout Tips: Casting from a tight spot

We’ve all been there. The fish are rising on the far bank, and you can reach them … if only you had enough room behind you for a backcast. But you don’t. What to do? In the video above, TU’s Kirk Deeter demonstrates a simple technique borrowed from spey casters that simply helps you get … Read more

Traditions: In search of fur and feathers

Taylor’s Sneaky Coyote. By Mark Taylor I’m off in a bit on a quest for fly-tying materials. Usually this mission involves a short drive down to the local Orvis store or nearby Sportsman’s Warehouse. But this time of year, it means I’m headed to the woods, bow or gun in hand. I wouldn’t go so … Read more