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Trout Tips: Don’t drop the rod tip

Fly casting is an inexact science for most folks—we all have our little quirks and bad habits that tend to eke into our fishing, particularly during times of fatigue, or when action is fast and getting flies on the water is important. One bad habit I’m guilty of possessing is the one that my buddy … Read more

Traditions: Tenkara in America

A Dolly Varden in southeast Alaska, caught on a tenkara rod. By Randy Scholfield Boulder, Colorado, thinks differently. While at times mocked for its free-range ideas and hemp-fueled lifestyles, there’s no doubt the “People’s Republic” is booming as a hub for creative entrepreneurs and independent thinkers. Oh yeah—it doesn’t hurt that Boulder is surrounded by … Read more

Video spotlight: Yakutia

Jako Lucas has been fly fishing the world and making movies about it for some time now, but his latest effort about the massive fish of Yakutia might be one for the ages. The region most folks only know exists on the playing map of the boardgame “Risk,” is plenty fishy, as you’ll see in … Read more

Traditions: ‘Old Friends, New Fish’

This year’s Fly Fishing Film Tour, of which Trout Unlimited is a longtime sponsor, features a unique film made possible in part by a TU grant to filmmaker Sophie Danison. Danison was awarded the grant as part of an effort to showcase the work women do in the field of filmmaking—her new film, ‘Old Friends, … Read more

Traditions: Finding adventure in words

Bob Saile, former outdoor editor of the Denver Post. Photo courtesy of The Denver Post. by Chris Hunt As a displaced Colorado kid growing up in the Big Thicket of East Texas in the 1980s, I found my adventure in words. I scrounged couch-cushion change and earned lawn-mowing cash, just to run down to the … Read more

Trout Tips: The false cast

False casting is a necessary evil for fly casters, but it’s important to realize that it serves several purposes. First, if you’re fishing dry flies, it helps dry your fly and keep the fly floating longer during a fishing session. Second, as TROUT Magazine Editor Kirk Deeter demonstrates in this week’s edition of Trout Tips, … Read more

Traditions: The Secret Spot

By Sam Davidson I read recently that the Millennial generation cares more about experiences than possessions. This was gratifying to me, as I have hewn to that credo myself since I was old enough to understand the choice—and my two children are the tail end of the Millennials. alt=”” title=”” />It got me thinking about … Read more