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Trout Tips: Ready to go

There are a lot of little tips for fly fishing expedience that may not actually help you catch fish, but might make it easier to start fishing. The tip offered up by Kirk Deeter in the video below is one such idea that has become second nature to me and a lot of anglers who … Read more

Mike Clark: Bamboo Master

Mike Clark has been building bamboo fly rods for 40 years. By Randy Scholfield When he started making split-cane bamboo rods 40 years ago, Mike Clark had no idea he could make a living from his hobby. “I built them to satisfy my fishing interests,” he says. Then, one day, a man wandered into his … Read more

Fly tying: A Kinder, Gentler Mop fly

A crane fly larvae. Confession: I’ve never fished a “mop” fly, but I’ve seen Tim Flagler’s gawdy versions before and honestly couldn’t figure out a practical use for such horrific creations. Until now. As Tim demonstrates in this week’s video, the Kinder, Gentler Mop is a ringer for a crane fly larvae, a common bug … Read more

Video spotlight: Pushing the limits

I first learned about Mongolian taimen some 20 years ago, and have always been intrigued with the idea of casting to them, mostly because the flies they hit resemble large prairie dogs. I might be exaggerating a bit, but not much, honestly. I stumbled across the film below, and I’m all jazzed again to find … Read more

Video spotlight: Women in Fly Fishing—Reflect

It’s International Women’s Day and, thanks to Todd Moen, we’re celebrating with the video below that exemplifies what fly fishing is all about. It’s non-denominational, non-discriminatory and wonderfully gender neutral. Women have been among the best fly fishers in the world for generartions, and I’m privileged to get to fish with a few at a … Read more

Voices from the River: Blame Sam

By Eric Booton I don’t consider myself a big drinker. There are few nights that I will have more than a beer o r two. But there is one thing I truly enjoy about my days on the water. And that is indulging myself in a nice, refreshing gulp after that rush of the first … Read more

Video spotlight: Small Creeks Flyout

Brian Kraft is an important parter in Trout Unlimited’s work to protect Alaska’s Bristol Bay watershed from the proposed Pebble Mine and what would be the largest open-pit mining operation on the planet. He’s the proprietor at Alaska’s Sportsman’s Lodge, and if you think the mine isn’t personal to him, or the staff of guides … Read more

Video spotlight: Corazon

R.A. Beattie’s film about the tarpon of Mexico’s Holbox (pronounced HOLE-bosh) Island is a lively feature on the legendary guide Sandflea, and it’s a pleasure to watch. But sometimes, it’s the little things that get me interested in today’s fly fishing films. As mentioned in the trailer, Holbox used to be a great fishery for … Read more