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Short casts: Turnpike trout, Tampa fly fishing, braving winter

The Henry’s Fork in eastern Idaho. Local TU members in Chester County, Penn., won a small court victory recently in their effort to protect Valley and Trou t creeks from highway stormwater runoff pollution when a judge ruled that public meeting requirements weren’t met when county and township officials crafted a stormwater discharge plan for … Read more

Introducing Big Fish Tuesday

Photo by Delaney Hunt Fly fishers chase their quarry for a variety of reasons. But no matter the logic behind our endeavors, there’s nothing quite like catching a trophy and snapping that “hero shot” before turning a big fish loose to be caught again another day. In honor of those trophies, we’re launching a new … Read more

A day of celebration for the Roan Plateau

Corey Fisher casts in the grottos of Parachute Creek atop the Roan Plateau in 2009. You haven’t lived dangerously until you’ve subjected a rental car to the JQS Road. OK, sure. That might be a bit of an overstatement. But the sketchy, rocky, always-washes-out-when-it-rains, track up the east side of Colorado’s Roan Plateau is easily … Read more

Cows and conservation in Nevada’s desert

Lahontan cutthroat trout could one day be reintroduced into waters like Susie Creek in Nevada, where restoration work involves keeping cows from “parking” in the water. by Helen Neville Cattle reign supreme in the West, valued by many as an iconic part of this landscape and an important thread of western social culture. But without … Read more

Chris Wood’s full testimony “fire borrowing”

November 5, 2015 Testimony of Trout Unlimited to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry hearing on: Wildfire: Stakeholder Perspectives on Budgetary Impacts and Threats to Natural Resources on Federal, State and Private Lands. Chairman Roberts, Ranking Member Stabenow, and Committee Members: My name is Chris Wood. I am the President and CEO of … Read more

Brookies to benefit from Nissitissit dam removal

By Robert Shane When we think of dams, especially dam removals, we think BIG; we think the Elwha and the Penobscot and the Snake. We imagine monstrosities of concrete and steel blocking important trout and salmon spawning waters. This plight, however, is not secular to big dams. In the state of Massachusetts there are over … Read more

Browns Canyon becomes Colorado’s newest national Monument

By Kyle Perkins On Thursday, President Obama will designate Browns Canyon National Monument, a move that will be cheered by sportsmen across Colorado and across America. It’s taken years of tough, grassroots work from Trout Unlimited and its partners to finally protect this breathtaking canyon along the Gold Medal waters of the Arkansas River. This … Read more