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Fly tying: Get it Down Pat’s

About 15 years ago or so, I weaseled my way into the fly fishing competition when the ESPN Great Outdoor Games came to the Henry’s Fork. I managed to win the pre-competition casting accuracy event on the first day, but on a slow fishing day in April, I landed only a single trout—a 13-inch rainbow. … Read more

Video spotlight: Tarpon in Belize

There’s a lot of good fisheries conservation work being done in saltwater these days, what with the appreciation anglers have developed for fish like permit, tarpon and bonefish over the last two decades or so. Angler science is becoming a mainstream idea—just a few years ago, I helped catch and tag permit in Mexico’s Ascension … Read more

Clean Water Rule Rollback – Statement of Chris Wood & Rob Masonis

170228_TU_Chris Wood Statement CWRule Rollback.pdf Rollback of Clean Water Rule could impact steelhead recovery in Pacific Northwest TU underscores importance of protecting small streams for fish and wildlife as rule is evaluated CONTACT: Shauna Stephenson / Trout Unlimited / 307.757.7861 (Feb. 28, 2017) Washington D.C. – Today President Trump signed an executive order that … Read more

Chris Wood’s statement on Trump’s Clean Water Rule order

Photo: An angler fishes a small Montana stream that is protected under the Clean Water Rule. A new executive order begins the process of removing protections from this and thousands of other small headwater streams and wetlands across America. Today, Preside alt=”” title=”” />nt Trump signed an executive order that begins to unravel the protections … Read more

Gear Test: The Generatr S100

I work. A lot. But like you, I love to fish. And one of the things I enjoy the most about our sport is time away from the office. Finding a balance between the two is hard, especially when I want to be really away from it all. Recently however, I have discovered a product … Read more

Video spotlight: Middle of Nowhere

We’ve all dreamed of being the first angler to set foot in some remote paradise. The first to cast to catch fish that have never seen a fly. That fantasy is buried in the depths of all our souls, and, sadly, for most of us, it won’t become a reality. But we can live vicariously … Read more

And the winner is …

Congratulations to Scott Hood, who nailed the “find the fish, win a fly reel” contest. You’ll recall that TROUT Magazine Editor Kirk Deeter posted a photo and asked readers to repeat, in writing, how he caught three trout from the water pictured below. alt=”” title=”” /> Here is Scott Hood’s reply: “Hopper fish caught first, … Read more