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Red Tag Wet Fly

Wet flies fished on the swing can be among the most effective patterns for trout, particularly in late summer and early fall when migratory fish, like brown trout and brook trout, are aggressive and hungry. Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions ties a great wet fly pattern in the video above. Although originally tied in England … Read more

Finding the perfect soft-hackle water

I love to swing soft-hackle flies. It’s one of the best fishing methods I know for trout in steadily moving water with a generally constant depth. Below, RIO Products Brand Manager Simon Gawesworth shows you what kind of water you’ll be looking for when you’re out to swing soft-hackles, and he’ll give you some gear … Read more

The new natives

West slope cutthroat trout from Grayling Creek, Yellowstone National Park. Just a quick update from Yellowstone, with more to come (I promise). I had the good fortune to take a quick drive a couple of weeks ago along the Grayling Creek corridor in the northwest corner of Yellowstone National Park, and I figured I’d stop … Read more

TU Sweepstakes winners announced

Congratulations to D. Ostrosky of California, the winner of the Grand Prize—a fly-fishing trip to Montana—in this year’s TU Sweepstakes. J. Mott of Iowa is the Sweepstakes’ first-place winner. Mott will receive a new Sage Ignitor fly rod (a 9-foot, 7-weight), coupled with a new Sage Spectrum MAX reel. Second-place winners P. Caldwell of Hawaii … Read more

Hallowed waters

For more than a decade, Montanans have worked together to create a lasting solution for public lands in the Blackfoot River watershed. That solution is the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act. This bill will protect the Blackfoot River by permanently protecting its most important tributaries. It will also secure and expand outdoor recreation opportunities in the … Read more

Natural dubbing materials

Fly tying is so sophisticated these days, that sometimes it pays to take a step back and really examine the materials we use as we conjure up the next great pattern at the vise. Take dubbing, for instance. This is the material used in both dry flies and nymphs, generally to craft fly bodies for … Read more