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Don’t ‘dis’ the whitefish that swim next to the trout we love

An underwater look at a mountain whitefish.

There’s trout water, and then there’s trout water that also holds mountain whitefish. The latter is likely healthier.  Whitefish (Prosopium williamsoni) are often greeted by anglers with the same enthusiasm they might afford a creek chub or a sucker. The slightly downturned snout may not be as appealing as the maw of a wild brown … Read more

TU announces winners of 2020 Sweepstakes

Trout Unlimited thanks all who entered our 2020 Sweepstakes, and we’re pleased to announce that C. Kleman is the winner of the grand prize package — a trip for two to Montana’s Royal Bighorn Lodge and a host of fishing gear. Congratulations!

A look at Loon’s new Rogue hook-removal forceps

For me, a good pair of forceps has become a requirement on the water, particularly during summer when I’m fishing more frequently and, subsequently, catching more fish (hopefully!). Forceps or hemostats are great multi-purpose tools — they help with hook removal, they mash barbs down and they can even be helpful when untying knots. But, … Read more

Deet and your fly line

Chad quickly reached into a pocket in his sling pack and pulled out a little bottle of bug spray. He quickly doused in his exposed arms in the oily concoction and then passed it around. Johnny did the same — a few pumps and then he handed the bottle to me.

The ethics of the dropper

The ethics of fly fishing can get pretty sticky, or at least I’m gleaning that from social media, where some folks aren’t afraid to scold fellow anglers for teetering on the edge of angling impropriety, whether that impropriety is real or perceived

Prospecting blue lines

A trail generally follows the stream on its gentle course to Shoshone Lake. If you walk the trail, you might occasionally see a tiny brook trout finning in a deep, dark corner of the creek. More likely, if you’re not an angler and staring keenly through polarized lenses through clear water isn’t really your thing, you might notice a fish dart for cover as your shadow crosses the stream