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Goldfish in Alaska?

“Let’s go catch some goldfish.” This is not the phrase an Alaskan angler, or likely any angler, anticipates hearing. However, this summer it was brought to Anchorage residents’ attention that goldfish have been gleefully parading around an urban pond in colorful schools for some time.   With plans to eradicate the invasive species, and orders to catch and kill … Read more

Entrenched in the salmon cycle

“We are products of our environment.”  There is much truth to this adage, and I know I am a product of my Alaskan fly-fishing environment and exposure.    Six years ago when I arrived in Alaska, I was still a mere “padawan” with the fly rod. With time, I found more seasoned anglers to fish with, picked up some tips at the … Read more

Only a few BWOs to go around

By Eric Booton Frustration is exhaled from behind my fully zipped collar, and the cloud of vapor fills the drawn hood of my wading jacket, fogging my lenses, furthering the frustration. I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews of this impressively clear and painfully cold spring creek. With an exception or two, I was easily able to round … Read more

Alaska Holiday High School fly tying material drive

The egg sucking leech, a staple for every Alaskan’s fly box – Photo: Jenny Weis This holiday season give the gift of learning, opportunity and fly fishing to Alaska High School Students! For the past 8 years Tim Lussow, a biology teacher at Colony High School, has helped expose the world of fly fishing to … Read more