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Cycling to the source of the Eklutna

At the end of May, a crew of spirited friends and I coasted out of Eklutna Lake campground with trimmed packs, tents and miscellaneous items strapped to our bikes, bound for the head of the glacial valley…or at least its vicinity. It was a fresh adventure for all, and for me, the opportunity to witness the East and West Forks of the Eklutna River beyond Eklutna Lake and set eyes on the glacier, where the Eklutna River begins

Chugach Electric members, cast your vote: support Eklutna River restoration

Chugach Electric Association is wrapping up their 2020 Board of Director Elections and CEA members have a say! If you are a CEA customer, you have the opportunity to vote and help select the two new board members who will lead the member-owned utility. Board members will play an important role in the utilities’ decision making that will help write the next chapter in the Eklutna River’s story since Anchorage utilities are obligated to mitigate, or make up for, impacts of the Eklutna Hydropower Projects to fish and wildlife.

Loving the Eklutna Valley

The Eklutna area is an increasingly favored quick getaway for staff in Trout Unlimited’s Anchorage office. TU’s increased involvement in the efforts to restore the Eklutna River to a healthy and productive state have us spending additional time in the region with zero complaint and we are eager to recommend it to others.

Tips for urban angling

Several streams draining from the mountains that enhance my urban viewscape snake their way through Anchorage, paralleling urban trails, bordering neighborhoods and sometimes disappearing underground for blocks at a time.  While the aesthetics and natural state of the creeks range from non-existent to surprisingly impressive, for an angler it’s difficult not to look at the flowing water, assess the potential lies of hungry fish, and subsequently … Read more

Where gravity does the work

Chad turned to his wife Erin,    “If I don’t make it back, I died doing what I love.”  It was well-spoken and sealed with a kiss. The Class III rapids of the canyon are far from the roughest or most consequential white water in the state, though they have proven deadly. As with many things, it’s better to be safe than sorry when drifting for adventure and a sense of freedom in … Read more