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After serving as an intern for Trout Unlimited's Rogue River Home Rivers Initiative in Michigan, I was hired as the Project Coordinator in 2015. I will be focusing on installing green infrastructure practices and working ... Read more about Jamie Vaughan

Trout Unlimited Expands Tree Army to More Michigan Watersheds

Trout Unlimited’s Rogue River Tree Army planted 17,067 trees along rivers and streams throughout the Rogue River watershed over the last two years. They are just getting started. The Tree Army, which is funded by the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative through the U.S. Forest Service, is made up of Trout Unlimited staff, seasonal work crews, and volunteers. This year, the Rogue River Tree Army … Read more

Trout Unlimited receives EPA grant to expand STREAM Girls

By Jamie Vaughan Trout Unlimited staff in Michigan are excited to announce the expansion of the STREAM Girls program throughout the state thanks to a recently awarded grant through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Education Program.  The goal of expanding Trout Unlimited’s STREAM Girls Program is to educate more than 275 girls, 35 partners and volunteers, and 1,000 community members … Read more

TU restores important ‘pocket’ wetlands in Michigan

Trout Unlimited recently wrapped up a multi-year project to create and restore critical wetlands in the Rogue River watershed in southern Michigan.  This fall, two more “pocket” wetlands were restored, making a total of four wetland restoration projects over the past three years. Pocket wetlands are small areas that boast large benefits for water quality in this case because of their priority location adjacent to coldwater trout streams.   … Read more

Meet West Michigan’s newest STREAM Girls

There’s a new class of STREAM Girls to welcome in West Michigan to thanks to Girl Scouts of Michigan Shore to Shore, Trout Unlimited, and some amazing dedicated volunteers.   This month 30 Brownies, juniors, and cadettes attended STREAM Girls camp at the Girl Scouts’ Betsy Cutler House located on Bear Creek in Muskegon, Mich.   The girls started their day putting on waders and exploring Bear Creek. They self-led a stream walk and answered … Read more