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The Chugach National Forest caught up in roadless mess

Although Alaska Governor Dunleavy’s main target is the Tongass National Forest, where he hopes to revitalize and greatly expand the outdated practice of industrial clear-cut logging of old-growth forest, the Chugach National Forest is also now caught in the crosshairs. (Take action today!)

The science is clear on suction dredge mining

Two bills will move through the Washington legislature this session with the goal of updating the state’s laws protecting its fish and waterways from impacts of suction dredge mining. Though you may see comments from a select few upholding the activity, the science is incredibly clear on negative impacts it causes to our already-stressed fish populations.

Staying mad

A good friend of mine worked with a women’s group at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown Chicago one summer during college. The federal prison famously has these tall, 5-inch wide windows, originally made to be narrow enough that they didn’t require bars. My friend told me that when new women moved in, they complained … Read more

Getting out there

Creek crossing.

Allegra, Grant and I emerged from the densely wooded trail, stepping out onto the wooden bridge for our first view of Resurrection Bay. Mountains jutted up from the water as the evening sun shone through Tonsina Creek valley, and ravens flew overhead. Spawning silver and chum salmon pooled up in riffles below us, and our noses filled with the decaying fish that came before them, soon to be the ravens’ feast.