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Wenatchee Instream Flow Enhancement Project

Goals Trout Unlimited’s Pioneer Pump Exchange Project improves instream flow in the lower Wenatchee River to improve passage and decrease critical temperature barriers at the confluence with the Columbia and Wenatchee Rivers.  The Wenatchee River is home to a variety of salmon and trout including Upper Columbia Spring Chinook, steelhead, and bull trout. Instream flow, water … Read more

Drastic action for Washington kokanee

Bill Wayman (USFWS) demonstrating how to cryopreserve milt to the Kokanee Supplementation Group. Bill is showing how to handle the Dewar and the technique to properly freeze milt. By David Kyle Trout Unlimited is involved in some pretty cool species conservation work in Washington. Lake Sammamish Kokanee (non-anadromous sockeye salmon) are a unique species which, … Read more

Voices from the River: When the earth moves

Damage from the Nov. 30, 7.0 magnitude earthquake on the highway exit ramp nearest to the Trout Unlimited office in Anchorage. By Jenny Weis I found myself still tip-toeing around my house Saturday morning as I cleaned broken glass and straightened bookshelves, over 24 hours after the 7.0 earthquake that rattled Anchorage last Friday. I … Read more

Alaska Program election debrief

Photo: Pat Ford By: Nelli Williams Dear Alaska angler: Some of you might be wondering, how did the results of Tuesday’s election change our ability to protect Bristol Bay and the places around Alaska that we love to hunt and fish. First, Alaskans elected a Governor for whom Pebble’s CEO himself campaigned. Thankfully, Pebble has always been an … Read more

Voices from the River: Common water

The author’s son getting a rowing lesson on Alaska’s Skilak Lake. Photo by Nelli Williams. By Nelli Williams Rivers bring people together. Some of my fondest friend-filled memories are on the river. Where we’ve laughed til our cheeks hurt—even years later— over the chaos in the boat when that first fish hit; or enjoyed a … Read more