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Nature’s wonders bring thanks

Finding things to be thankful for this week — especially this year — can be a challenge. But if we look deep enough, we can find them.   I chose to look in nature.   The brightest green lichen on dark volcanic rocks pop against the drab fall scenery.   The sweet smell of ponderosa pines after a recent storm.   … Read more

Fly shops, guides and outfitters on #ResponsibleRecreation

Editor’s note: As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll on everyday life, TU is shining some important light on our partners in the fly-fishing industry in hopes of sharing with our members and supporters the efforts everyone is taking to adapt and cope with what has become the “new normal” over the … Read more

Colorado’s fishpond finds bright spots through #ResponsibleRecreation

Like all non-essential businesses, fishpond had to change the way it operated during the early days of the pandemic. Employees worked from home and the brand worked with fly shops to postpone scheduled ship dates and waived standard fees. There were scary times, at least for a while.   One bright spot was that dealers with an online … Read more

Rep Your Water hopes to create more advocates for conservation

PANIC. A word and feeling we’ve all become too familiar with this year. Rep Your Water, a dedicated TU Business Member, felt that to the extreme during the early days of the pandemic. Cancelled orders from fly shops were flooding in, concerns about retaining its employees kept Corinne and Garrison Doctor (RYW’s owners) up at … Read more

Conservation victories make not fishing tolerable

Fall fishing is typically one of my favorite times to be on the water. The crowds shrink, the colors pop and the trout eat. But this fall, I’m spending more time recovering on the couch than under the cottonwoods with some meat tied to the end of my line.   Recovery from my third surgery this year is going … Read more