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Cultivating Community in the Time of COVID-19

In what feels like a lifetime ago, I was a disaster relief volunteer.  I was always astonished with how grief stricken and tumultuous conditions could unite people in supporting one another with, oftentimes, simple acts of kindness.  As we are all experiencing this pandemic differently, I have found great comfort in how people are uniting … Read more

Amplify your efforts on National Make a Difference Day

A group of volunteers poses behind newly planted trees.

My first Make a Difference Day still gives me goosebumps. It was October 2006. We had decided to do a special volunteer event just for the national day of service. We did not expect much as we had decided to take a regularly scheduled volunteer event, coin it a Make a Difference Day event, change the date … Read more

Juntos: Connecting With Your Hispanic and Latino Community Members

“I’m not sure where to begin but I know this is important.” With the Trout Unlimited regional rendezvous season wrapping up with the Northeast Regional next week, I find it helpful to pause and reflect on common questions and conundrums that surface during sessions and side conversations to better support chapter and council leaders across … Read more

TU Regional Rendezvous Aftershocks: Now What?

When organizing a day on the water, you spend time planning to maximize your enjoyment.  You get on the water and enjoy the trip and upon your return, you rinse, dry and organize gear while reflecting on your experience to improve the next opportunity.  Just like a fishing outing is more than simply getting on the water, attending a conference is more than attendance.  Learn more about how to maximize your attendance now that you are home and the most important aspect of the educational process is about to start.

Regional Rendezvous Season: Are You Ready?

Attending a Trout Unlimited regional rendezvous is quite the experience. Not only is it an opportunity to connect with like-minded coldwater conservationists, it is an opportunity to learn about the latest science, celebrate conservation successes and to shape a new perspective of your chapter or council’s efforts through networking. Plus, it is always #TUmuchfun! While … Read more

Spring Cleaning: Blow the Dust Off Guiding Documents!

Each spring, many of us start to get that feeling—an itch instigated by the transition from a comfortable and cozy winter to the cabin fever frenzy that beckons the freshness of longer daylight and warmer outdoor adventures. Cue spring cleaning! This spring when you revel in the fresh air, consider blowing the dust off your … Read more

My Leadership Story: Not a Cautionary Tale

No one is born a leader. Each of us is molded and impacted throughout our leadership journey, mentored by experiences and people. It’s important to take time to reflect on our leadership story. It not only fills us with gratitude for where we have been, but it also gives us the opportunity to register our … Read more