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Sunny Days

I always look forward to the transition to wet-wading season. Here in the mid-Atlantic that usually hits in mid-May, unless you’re fishing a tailwater just downstream from a dam, in which case waders are still a must. Even with neoprene wading socks, the first steps into a chilly (but not frigid) trout stream can be … Read more

New brochure highlights TU’s Driftless program

Trout Unlimited’s Driftless Area Restoration Effort is an incredible conservation success story, and one that is going as strong as ever. Highlights of the program are beautifully and succinctly captured in a new 16-page brochure produced by the program’s leaders. The brochure isn’t just a retrospective of the impact of the 15-year effort, but also … Read more

SweetWater Brewing and TU team up again for fundraiser

SweetWater Brewing Company has once again invited Trout Unlimited to be a partner in the company’s annual Save Our Water campaign.  This is the fourth consecutive year that Sweetwater and Trout Unlimited have collaborated in the effort, in which SweetWater provides a matching grant of up to $20,000 to each participating conservation partner. For 2019 SweetWater will donate up to $80,000 … Read more

Barrier removal helping fishing in Michigan

Michigan is home to over 36,000 miles of stream, and nearly a third of that mileage is designated trout water. As Michigan residents, it is easy to take this statistic for granted as we are accustomed to the vast opportunities the state has to offer to the trout fishing enthusiast. In Michigan, Trout Unlimited, in … Read more

New Zealand mud snails in Michigan trout streams

More than 180 non-native species have been introduced to the Great Lakes region, and many of them have been categorized as invasive, causing potential threat to native ecosystems and their populations.   One relative newcomer is causing concerns about its potential risks to the region’s trout streams.  The New Zealand mud snail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum) is an aquatic invasive that has appeared in Great Lakes streams only recently.  … Read more

TU receives tree planting grant in Michigan’s Rogue River watershed

Trout Unlimited has received funding from the U.S. Forest Service, through the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, to plant nearly 17,000 trees along coldwater streams in Michigan. The project, “Reducing Runoff in the Rogue River Watershed,” aims to address stormwater runoff that pollutes, erodes, and warms the important western Michigan trout fishery by planting trees at … Read more

Army Corps approves plan to block Asian carp from Great Lakes

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has approved its final plan recommendation for addressing Asian carp at Brandon Road Lock and Dam near Joliet, Ill.   Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, the commanding general of the Corps of Engineers, signed the report, which will now be sent to Congress for approval and funding.  Asian carp are currently one of the most serious … Read more

Better fishing in the Driftless Area

“We make fishing better” is one of our mottos here at Trout Unlimited. Our efforts do more than simply make fishing better, of course. But everything we do, at some level, translates to better fishing. That sits pretty well with our 300,000 members and supporters because most of them are, in fact, anglers and appreciate … Read more

Looking back at a big year for PA Coldwater Habitat Program

By Jake Tomlinson The past year was a big one for Trout Unlimited’s Pennsylvania Coldwater Habitat Program, which works with a variety of partners and funding sources to protect critical habitat, reconnect degraded waterways, and restore populations of coldwater fisheries.   During the 2018 field season, TU completed more than 8,000 feet of streambank stabilization and habitat improvement, reducing by approximately 37 tons the … Read more