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Struggles of the lower Deschutes

Elke Littleleaf and Morgan Bradley discuss issues affecting the lower Deschutes

Editor’s note: TU sent a handful of college students to the Pacific Northwest for this year’s TU Costa 5 Rivers Odyssey to study and fish in the Columbia River basin. Oregon’s Deschutes river has long been known as one of the West’s most legendary watersheds. Known for its prolific hatches and dry fly fishing, specifically … Read more

5 Rivers Odyssey: Morgan Bradley

My name is Morgan Bradley and I am from Telluride, Colo. From a young age, I began fishing with my dad, who has been a life-long angler. It started with a spin rod, fishing with worms and other bait for species like catfish and bass back when I used to live in Phoenix, Ariz.. When … Read more