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Bay Area Youth Fly Fishing kicks off second year

One of the biggest challenges Trout Unlimited and other sportsmen’s groups face today is keeping alive the American sporting heritage and becoming relevant to more diverse demographics. TU is taking on this challenge in part by engaging young people from all walks of life in the outdoors and coldwater conservation through fly fishing. Volunteer-driven programs … Read more

Why support hatchery steelhead in the upper Willamette?

By Dean Finnerty Editor’s note: Steelhead management requires balancing of competing consumer demands, statutory requirements, science and politics. Hatchery steelhead weaken wild stocks, but help keep our fishing heritage alive. Where habitat conditions are favorable, we should manage for wild steelhead; where they aren’t, as in the upper Willamette between Dexter Dam and the Calapooia … Read more

Protecting Oregon’s steelhead heritage

The legendary Frank Moore, center, with TU’s vice president for Western Conservation Rob Masonis (l) and Dean Finnerty, NW Region director for TU’s Sportsmen’s Conservation Project. Few Oregonians have had a more profound, positive influence on so many people in the Beaver State than Frank and Jeanne Moore. This remarkable couple, whose decades-long efforts to … Read more

California proposes changes to inland trout angling regulations

A golden trout, the state freshwater fish of California, in all its glory. Editor’s note: To the extent that there can be an intersection between coldwater fisheries conservation and state angling regulations, and because fishing is the portal through which many people become interested in conservation, TU may get involved through our local members, chapters … Read more

Voices from the River: One fish A single fish can mean so much. By Sam Davidson A single fish made me really happy recently, and I wasn’t even fishing. To be sure, this was no ordinary fish. It was a brute of a steelhead, as long as my arm and 12 pounds in heft, easy. So perhaps anyone seeing it … Read more