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A milestone in native trout recovery

Paiute cutthroat are often called the rarest trout in North America. Their historic range is an 11-mile long stretch of a single creek in the eastern Sierra Nevada near the California-Nevada border. The population of this singular trout, with its unique purplish hue and markings, succumbed to a variety of factors over the past century, … Read more

Point No Point

The deviation from the plan started when the app we were using to navigate across downtown Seattle in morning traffic guided us down appallingly skinny, twisted streets and a scenic tour of old neighborhoods that did not, in the end, deliver us to the ferry any more rapidly than if we had simply followed the … Read more


Interpretive sign on the Carmel River, spring 2019. It was while walking a seasonally-dry side channel of my local stream, the Carmel River, over the weekend that I started thinking about a guy from Michigan named John Rapanos. You should know this name, because this fellow—unintentionally, no doubt—could really put the hurt on your fishing. … Read more

The Dark Side

The author’s brother, gone over to the Dark Side. Last week I went to what my brother and lifelong fishing partner calls “the Dark Side.” That would be fishing in warm, still water for largemouth bass and northern pike, mostly with conventional tackle. We always get a laugh out of this, because neither of us … Read more

Klamath River restoration campaign passes another milestone

The upper Klamath Basin. Over the past year, TU’s long involvement in the campaign to restore the Klamath River and its salmon and steelhead runs paid dividends as this three-pronged effort passed several major milestones. TU’s staff and grassroots in both California and Oregon have played integral roles in this progress. Most recently, the Klamath … Read more