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TU launches new archive for California coastal steelhead data

Trout Unlimited works with a wide variety of partners in California to conserve, protect and restore trout and salmon populations and their habitats. For many years, one of our primary partners in our effort to recover native Coho salmon and steelhead in coastal watersheds was the Center for Ecosystem Management and Restoration (CEMAR). CEMAR closed … Read more

The Salmon Superhighway

On the north coast of Oregon, six major river systems spanning 940 square miles that drain into Tillamook and Nestucca bays provide a historic opportunity for science, collaboration between landowners, resource agencies and other stakeholders, and joint efforts of volunteers and professionals to come together to reconnect productive habitat for six species of anadromous (ocean-going) … Read more

Remembering Russell Chatham

Editor’s Note: Few people have had more influence on steelhead fishing and its proponents than author and artist Russell Chatham, who passed away recently. Chatham’s writing, painting, and appearance in films helped promote both the art and science of fly fishing for steelhead and the growing sense of loss as steelhead runs in coastal streams … Read more

California public lands bills pass out of key House committee

Today, the House Natural Resources Committee passed three bills that would better conserve habitat and sporting opportunities in some of California’s most productive coldwater fisheries and upland hunting zones. Trout Unlimited has worked for the past five years to help develop these measures and provided written testimony to the committee in support of today’s markup. … Read more

A milestone in native trout recovery

Paiute cutthroat are often called the rarest trout in North America. Their historic range is an 11-mile long stretch of a single creek in the eastern Sierra Nevada near the California-Nevada border. The population of this singular trout, with its unique purplish hue and markings, succumbed to a variety of factors over the past century, … Read more