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Restoring the Lower Snake

The final sign-off of a plan that would maintain the status quo for the Lower Snake River was no surprise last week. However, a letter from the Nez Perce Tribe declining a memorandum of understanding between the tribe, the Bonneville Power Administration, Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation reminded us what strong leadership … Read more

Interview with Richard Louv

Richard Louv joined Trout Unlimited to discuss public lands, the pandemic and his newest book, “Our Wild Calling.” Louv, a former journalist, is best known for his 2005 book, “Last Child in the Woods,” which sparked an international movement to re-connect children with nature. Since then, he has also published “The Nature Principle,” in 2011 … Read more

Show your support for Snake River salmon and steelhead

We have a small window of opportunity to encourage Congress to introduce legislation that will recover salmon and steelhead on the Snake River.  But we need to show hunters and anglers care about bringing back our salmon and steelhead.  Sign the petition today and Trout Unlimited will deliver it to delegates in the Pacific Northwest, urging them … Read more

A Tribute to Gary Fredricks (and the many public servants like him)

By Rob Masonis In the world of salmon conservation, criticizing government agencies can be a popular sport.  By nature they are easy targets: faceless, powerful, bureaucratic and slow to evolve even in the face of glaring need to do so.    But often overlooked and underappreciated are the many well-intentioned, dedicated individuals working within those agencies.  Public servants like Gary Fredricks, a fish biologist who worked in the National Marine Fisheries Service for more than 30 years to improve fish passage systems at federal dams on the … Read more

Great American Outdoors Act signed in to law

Because of you — all of you — we can hunt more, fish more and play more. We can build stronger communities. We can lay the groundwork for a better conservation legacy. We can start fixing the backlog of maintenance issues impairing our public lands. We can make rivers and streams will be cleaner. We can make habitat healthier. We can leave this world a little better than we found it

Great American Outdoors Act landmark legislation for anglers

Today is a day for thanks. After decades of half-hearted funding for one of the most successful conservation projects in the country, the Land and Water Conservation Fund will finally have full and permanent authorization and funding after a signature from the President. Passed in the 60s and funded by off-shore oil and gas royalties, … Read more

Smart renewable energy development on public lands is a reality with this bill

Now is a critical time to remind Congress you support balanced development of renewable energy In past energy booms we didn’t always get it right when it came to public lands.   Fish and wildlife populations suffered, rural communities shouldered the social burden as large companies shipped in large numbers of workers to get the resource out of the ground, air and … Read more