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Voices from the River: The Race up Rock Creek

Some places race horses. Some greyhounds. In Montana, we’re betting on a group of tagged cutthroat trout as they race their way up the Clark Fork River. The project is a joint venture between Trout Unlimited and Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks to learn more about how trout use the habitat in Rock Creek. Trout … Read more

Voices from the River: Resolved

Resolutions in January are dumb. I really can’t get into making any sort of rule for myself when there’s only seven hours of daylight and simply getting the newspaper feels like an expedition across the arctic tundra. Leniency. Naps. Snacks. S weat pants. These are things I can get on board with in January. But … Read more

186 not just for anglers

As we enter the final days until the elections in Montana, TU is checking in with local businesses on why passing I-186 is important to them. This editorial from Stephanie Shammel, a rancher downstream of the Kendall Mine, originally appeared in the Billings Gazette. Check out our Instagram story about other Montana businesses who are … Read more

LWCF one step closer

Today, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources advanced legislation that would permanently authorize and fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), as well as dedicate funding for improving access for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation. The bi-partisan efforts marks an important step forward for reauthorizing the program, which expired on September 30. … Read more

Drilling in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada?

Photo: U.S. Forest Service Drilling in Nevada’s Ruby Mountains? Momentum builds to keep it like it is. Sometimes referred to as the “Nevada Alps”, the Ruby Mountains are what most mountain ranges want to be when they grow up. Rugged peaks jut nearly a mile into the sky from the valley floor, with Ruby Dome … Read more