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The cannabis conundrum

This graphic of a tributary to the Eel River shows the intense marijuana cultivation typical of many drainages in California’s Emerald Triangle. The large red circles indicate outdoor grows of more than 100 plants and the pot farms in this drainage alone require more than 15 million gallons of water per growing season. By Matt … Read more

Seattle Sports E-Merse Neo XL submersible phone case

By Scott Criqui There are times when we test products that are fishing specific, like a fly rod for example, and then there are times when we review more of an all-around product, like the well-designed E-Merse Neo XL from Seattle Sports. The benefit to receiving this type of product, is the ability to rigorously … Read more

What is a tree worth?

A little girl plants a tree along New York trout stream

By Tracy Brown At Trout Unlimited, planting a tree is about so many things.  Each spring and fall hundreds of TU volunteers plant trees along our favorite and most precious coldwater streams.   It is about the trees.  It is about the trout.  And it is about engaging with the local community.   This spring in New York alone over … Read more

TU bloggers collect awards through OWAA

TU’s digital content team reaped six awards at the 2019 Outdoor Writers Association of America conference in Little Rock, Ark., this week. Chris Hunt, national digital director, received four awards from the prestigious organization, including first-place awards in the Family/Youth Participation and the Humor categories. He also took two second place awards, one each in … Read more

Notes from a first-year instructor and student at the Bristol Bay Fly Fishing and Guide Academy

  By Meghan Barker  While I spend the majority of my work time in front of a “Save Bristol Bay” booth, or talking with supportive Trout Unlimited members and leaders about the proposed Pebble Mine, the first Monday in June brought a different start to my work week. I loaded up my car with a tote of … Read more

The value of new technology: eDNA and O. mykiss

By Natalie Stauffer-Olsen, PhD. It is always exciting when new technology becomes available that can help us understand, manage and protect wild steelhead, the mavericks of the Pacific salmonids. Steelhead and rainbow trout populations can be difficult to predict, model and understand because of their very plastic (scientific term for highly variable) life histories, from juveniles to … Read more

Get your boots wet for conservation

By Paul Burnett Trout Unlimited members often ask about opportunities to engage with active and ongoing conservation projects. Grassroots-based programs like willow planting and Trout in the Classroom are great ways to contribute, but are also seasonal in nature and volunteering to help with fish sampling efforts can be hit or miss. Many of our … Read more

Rainscaping to help the Rogue River

By Jamie Vaughan Michigan has no shortage of freshwater lakes, rivers and streams, and local environmental groups are always collaborating to come up with creative ways to protect the precious water resources.   In western Michigan, partners joined together to create the Grand River Rainscaping Program, which is helping homeowners, landscapers and contractors learn about and incorporate green infrastructure practices … Read more