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Girls learn about science and angling in Pennsylvania’s growing STREAM Girls program

by Tara Granke The term “science lesson” may evoke visions of students running experiments with beakers, microscopes, and a professor in a lab coat. No longer is that the case. TU’s Headwaters Youth Program is all about intertwining informal lessons in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) with recreation and the arts to make STREAM education … Read more

Hats off to educators across TU

I recently sat under a tent at the Western North Carolina Fly Expo and watched four teenagers speak to an audience of anglers about their experience as leaders in Trout Unlimited. Articulate, professional and a little nervous, they told the story of how it all started at Trout Camp. “Rivercourse changed my life” every one … Read more

Time to take the kids outside!

With spring in full swing it’s time to get outside. All over the country, small fingerling trout and salmon smolts are leaving classrooms in the hands of their student caretakers and heading to local rivers and streams via TU’s Trout in the Classroom and Salmon in the Classroom programs. Now is the time for other … Read more

Chapter ideas for spring youth events

/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/blog/DSC_0264.JPG Spring is coming and so are those days spent along a fishy stretch of a favorite river. Not only is it a great time of year to get outside, it is a wonderful season for passing on the love of fly fishing, trout, and the special places they live. TU chapters across the country … Read more

Teen Summit and TU Camp applications opening soon!

Dreaming of warmer weather? Good! It’s time to start thinking about TU’s offerings of summer camps and academies for young people. TU’s Regional Fly Fishing Camps and Academies For over 25 years, volunteers have been directing TU’s youth regional camps. The first was in Pennsylvania and now TU’s grassroots network boasts 25 camps across the … Read more

TU Enters New Partnership in Education

by Nick Halle It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon (yes, I know that’s not the typical idiom) to grasp that the future of conservation will depend heavily on the youth of today. Trout Unlimited’s youth education staff have been educating young people across the country on conservation and the outdoors in the hopes of instilling … Read more

Deer stew, fishing, and giving thanks

By Shannon Mayes This Fall was quite busy for the TU Teens of Gallipolis. Our new members join in early October, and we now have 41 students participating in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. This year, we are learning about conservation and basic casting skills. Students have started projects featuring different aspects of fly fishing … Read more

Teachers can sign up for the 2018 TIC/SIC Quilt Project

If your TU Chapter or Council has Trout or Salmon in the Classroom programs, this is a fun project they can take part in with other classrooms across the country. Please pass on this announcement to teachers and coordinators: Enhance STEAM learning with your TIC/SIC/AaT program by joining the 2018 Trout Quilt Project. Participating classes … Read more

Together we can all fly

TU Teen Devin Brandes, pictured above in blue, shares his story of how he successfully began a day camp for kids called the Rocky Point Fly Fishing Camp. Inspired by this experience, he built upon his success to start a volunteer program called You Can Fly that recruits young people from the Boys and Girls … Read more

Headwaters Youth Program exceeds fundraising goal

Starting in 2017, a new fundraising campaign was initiated by the 066-Guadalupe River TU chapter to support and sustain TU’s Headwaters Youth Program: the GRTU Tomorrow Fund. It’s a 10 year fundraising plan to raise $40,000 each year to support staff and programs like Trout in the Classroom, STREAM Girls, and TU’s Youth Camps. We … Read more