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The Lodge at Green Cove

Tellico. It’s kind of a mysterious word. The Cherokee wrote it “Talikwa” and used it in the names of several of their towns in the Great Smoky Mountains. They say the actual meaning of the word was lost in their language. It’s possible that it’s origin isn’t Cherokee at all, but Muskogee. The Muskogee say … Read more

Pescador on the Fly launches Kickstarter effort

Do you know our friends at Pescador on the Fly? If not, you should. Right now, they’re launching their line of Premium Travel Fly Rods. These 9-foot fly rods are super light weight and fit into a tube that’s less than 20 inches long. They travel like a dream, but most important, they fish like … Read more

Wilderness Lite: Backcountry adventure

Land your next trout onto the stripping apron of an ultralight float tube amongst the breathtaking solitude of backcountry still waters. Backcountry ultralight float tubing is a GREAT introduction to trout, an absolute blast for an experienced angler, and a journey to bring families and friends together. Ever venture just a few miles into the … Read more

High Hook Wines: Good wine, good life, good fishing

It started out simple in 2008 when three wine business veterans and life-long fishermen, Mark Seymour, John Heus and Stephen Cary launched the High Hook brand. They had three basic goals. First, they wanted to make really good wine that shows the true fruit character of the grapes and the subtle mineral and other earthy … Read more

Four Rivers Fishing Company—In the Heart of It All

By Walt Gasson Discover Southwest Montana with Four Rivers Fishing Company, a 50-year-old Montana institution that is renowned as the headquarters for phenomenal trout fishing. This is an authentic Montana-style fly shop run by two young and seasoned outfitters, Chris Knott and Seth McLean. From our very first meeting, I’ve been impressed with these two … Read more

Fisher Guiding sporting 200 guides, online booking

Since launching in March 2017 with 12 initial guide partners, Fisher Guiding, a Trout Unlimited business member, has grown their website for booking guided fishing trips to include over 200 partnered fishing guid es, charters, and lodges in 16 countries. FisherGuiding.com is built for anglers to book guided trips in the same way other experiences … Read more

Gallatin River Lodge: Montana Luxury

I love Montana. I even like Bozeman. Sometimes those are two different things, as lots of Montanans will be happy to tell you. If I were going to pick a place where I could be close to Bozeman and still feel like I was in “real” Montana, I’d stay with some friends at their ranch … Read more

Pescador on the Fly

One of the best things about my job – and there are a lot of best things – is working with young companies. These are businesses, often run by young entrepreneurs, who haven’t been on the fly fishing scene for very long. Don’t get me wrong, I love all our TU Business members. I love … Read more

TU and KastKing—Going to the Mats

Trout Unlimited has partnered with KastKing on a branded wader-changing mat. KastKing will donate a portion of every sale of every KastKing Wader Changer to TU to help make fishing better all across North America. KastKing Wader Changer has a retail selling price of $19.98. KastKing will donate 5 percent of every sale to TU. … Read more