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TU Business Spotlight: Thin Air Anglers

It’s been a rough spring for a lot of fly anglers in the interior West. It was winter until not very long ago, and now that epic snowpack is melting. The meadows at our home place are under anywhere from a few inches to several feet of water. All the places we like to fish … Read more

The Fly Crate – letter from a fan

Father’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. It’s a day where I get to say thanks to my dad, get handmade gifts from my kids, and go fishing. I’m not the best gift giver, but last year I surprised my dad with a special trout fly assortment. He loves to go out fly fishing … Read more

TU Business Spotlight: Drift Fly Fishing

I met Johnny Blumenthal and Paul Newman from Drift Fly Fishing when they were gracious enough to donate a trip to my humble little TU chapter here in Wyoming. But before we sent anyone out there with them, I did a little homework. I like to hear what others are saying about a product or … Read more

TU Business Spotlight: Sky Blue Outfitters

I lived in a neighboring state for a while, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was practically in our back yard. I loved the place the first time I saw it. Dense timber, ridge and valley after ridge and valley, and in the bottom of every valley – a stream or a river. There were rivers … Read more

TU Business Spotlight: Zero Limit Adventures

What do you call eight great guides passionate about fly fishing? Zero Limit Adventures. Whether you are looking to experience the raw power of king salmon, trophy brown trout and steelhead, the beauty of rainbows and brook trout, or small or large-mouth bass, Zero Limit Adventures is experienced, qualified, and equipped to put you in … Read more

Fisher Guiding Launches New Website

Yesterday a new tool for anglers will opened its doors to the world. It’s a web-based platform that helps anglers find guides from the Carribbean to Alaska. It’s called Fisher Guiding, and it’s goal is simple—to make guided fishing trips accessible for everyone. “The whole idea behind it is accessible angling, making fishing more open,” … Read more