Hiking the CDT: Friendly firefighters and pine nuts

We had been walking through a food source without knowing it. The trees around us were pinyon pines, they had little seeds in their cones that were not only edible, but delicious. The fire fighters told us that these seeds sold for more than $30 a pound. This newfound knowledge slowed my walking speed considerably over the last few days. Every 40 feet or so, I would stop and pick some seeds off the trees, eat them, and then pick some more.

Pigeons, persistence and hope

I recently read an essay where a priest on a mission to Guatemala discovered that artists from the village painted museum-quality artwork on the inside walls of a bell-tower—a place where only pigeons would see them. The story reminded me of Trout Unlimited’s work—behind the scenes, often unnoticed, complicated, hard, and, ultimately, beautiful.   What a year. We reckoned with racial injustice as a nation, and looked inward to the fact that we need to become … Read more