The drawing of the trout is from the hand of a small child. The description even more so: “This was the first fish I ever cot [sic] on a rod. When I first felt the feeling of reeling in the fish, I was amased [sic].” In the span of 15 years, Jeremy Brooks’ writing and … Read more

Ode to the stocker

It was a cold, rainy day in April in the southern suburbs of Denver. I looked out my bedroom window, anxiously hoping the spring squall would go away. I’ll never forget my mother coming downstairs with the bad news. I was dressed and ready to go. Fishing shirt. Blue jeans. Old sneakers. I had a … Read more

National Teen Summit returns to birthplace of TU

Here at Trout Unlimited we are proud to say our organization was formed on the banks of the Au Sable River in Michigan. Locals boast (and rightly so) that the Au Sable is the best brown trout fishery east of the Mississippi. Michigan’s TU chapters are named after conservation heroes like George Griffith, Art Neumann, … Read more

Resilient waters, hope for the future

Matteo Moretti, Dan Eiden, Dyer Benjovsky and Morgan Bradley spent last summer like most college anglers do—fishing. However, this was no ordinary fishing trip. Over the summer, the four college students involved in TU Costa 5 Rivers Programs across the country explored the Columbia River drainage for five weeks. Their mission: to gain a greater understanding of what has happened to worlds former salmon stronghold.   In … Read more

TU’s best photos of 2019

Family and friends raft a western river.

Every year has its big moments. The ones we vividly remember. The moments that stick out so much in your mind you don’t need a visual reminder of what it felt like when you were there.   Those are the easy ones.   I’m reminded of the moments in which I was in the Nevada desert, in … Read more

Resilient waters

The 2019 5 Rivers Odyssey traveled to the west coast to explore the stories and the ecosystems of the Columbia River basin. From the people they met to the ecosystems they encountered, it was clear that passion, recovery and resilience remains a large part of this area’s story. Follow the journey of four passionate college … Read more