Responsible oil and gas development can happen

Colorado TU and national TU worked in harmony to pass groundbreaking changes to Colorado’s oil and gas drilling regulations.   Starting in 2014, Trout Unlimited initiated conversations with the oil and gas industry and conservation partners to establish more robust protections for Colorado’s most important fisheries. The idea was simple: prohibit stream-side oil and gas development and require spill protection … Read more

Wisconsin project shows it’s not always about the money

By Chris Collier Working with the Town of Beaver and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Trout Unlimited recently helped replace a fish passage barrier on the North Branch Beaver Creek located in the middle of a state fishery area. Surveys at the site indicated fish passage and flood risk concerns associated with the existing, four-culvert … Read more

A wet road is no place for wild trout

By Mark Taylor  During her hundreds of days wearing an electrofishing backpack in Pennsylvania, Kathleen Lavelle has searched for trout in just about every kind of stream, from tiny trickles to plunging, boisterous mountain rivers.  But on a day in August 2019, she experienced something new.  Lavelle and her crew were shocking fish in a road.  … Read more