Yes on I-186

By Chris Wood “I-185 and I-186 have qualified for the ballot.” With that inauspicious tweet, Montana’s Secretary of State Corey Stapleton confirmed two state-wide ballot initiatives this November in Montana. One is of huge import to people who care about clean water, trout, and trout fishing in Montana. I-186 would require Montana to deny permits … Read more

Don’t fall in love with a walleye fly

By Chris Wood Do not fall in love with a walleye fly–at least not in Ontario because here there be monsters. Northern pike, with scores of needle-sharp teeth are a toothy circumpolar fish that occupy habitat from Siberia to Alaska to Wisconsin, and in Canada share much of the range of walleye. A pike’s teeth … Read more

Dam Removal: Not a passing fancy

By Chris Wood Last week, I saw a video celebrating the removal of the Tack Factory Dam on Third Herring Brook in Massachusetts. Like all dam removals, it involved many partners especially the North and South Rivers Watershed Association, local TU chapters, the MA/RI Council, NOAA, and Steve Hurley of the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries … Read more

Why this trout angler likes wind farms

By Paul Doscher I’ll admit it. I was what some call an environmentalist (I prefer conservationist) before I was a TU member. Of course, I had angling in my history, but that was back when my father would wake me up at 5 a.m. on summer mornings so we could go out and catch our … Read more

Attribution for science

My father was a statistician. After I took introductory statistics my fourth semester in college, I remember him saying he was glad that I could now appreciate that what he did for a living was more complicated than compiling the statistics I read each day in the sports pages. While I did not follow his … Read more

Thanks Joe

By Chris Wood “I was the first person Charles Gauvin hired at Trout Unlimited when he became CEO in 1992. He wanted to hire Steve Moyer, but Steve and Michelle just had their first child, and Steve thought the organization’s finances were too unstable. At the time Trout Unlimited had a budget of $2 million … Read more

Where skill, joy and service unite

By Chris Wood After I graduated college, my older brother, John, introduced me to a friend who was a Jesuit priest. At the time, I was a somewhat aimless bartender, ice cream maker and assistant high school football coach. One night after dinner and drinks, Father Donald asked me three questions: “Chris, what do you … Read more

Voices from the River: Reality bats last

As anglers, we are out there in the field, witnessing firsthand the stream closures and warmer waters and burned landscapes. What we’re seeing, year after year, is evidence piling up of profound changes in the air and under our feet.

But at present, I’m not sure about our individual and collective will to respond and take action. It’s human nature to stick to our ingrained habits and mindset, to resist change in our thoughts or routines, short of emergency or catastrophe.

The future offers hope

By Chris Wood Jake Marshall, whose Dad helped to organize TroutFest, a huge TU event in Texas that raises a lot of money for youth education through the Tomorrow Fund, said he was there “to help conserve our water s.” Laurel Smith, a graduate of the amazing Georgia Trout Camp, said she was there “to … Read more

Red light — Green light

By Chris Wood The other morning, my friend, Brent Fewell, an attorney who worked at the EPA under President George W. Bush, wrote: “Had dinner and a very encouraging conversation last evening with seven prominent GOP Senators who want to make the environment and conservation a greater priority for the GOP, a return to Teddy … Read more