Conserving freshwater biodiversity in California

A native Chinook salmon from California’s Central Valley. Conservation of freshwater biodiversity faces major challenges. The fragmented nature of freshwater habitats often results in species populations being highly vulnerable to extirpation. Moreover, areas managed for resource conservation typically reflect jurisdictional or landscape boundaries that have little meaning for aquatic species. Now, a team of scientists … Read more

Economic analysis shows watershed groups such as TU improve water quality

A recent economic study confirmed what the thousands of Trout Unlimited volunteers and our partner watershed groups already know: TU’s work directly benefits water quality and makes fishing better. (Trout Unlimited photo) By Chris Branham, Oregon State University CORVALLIS, Ore. — Economists have found that in the United States, watershed groups have had a positive … Read more

Thanks for the memories

A good bank to fall down to land a fish. By Chris Wood I woke this morning dreaming that I was on point on a two-on-one fast break. I measure the distance from my ground blind to a target through various pass patterns. “That’s a down-and-out; that’s a post;” and so on. I still consider … Read more

TU, SRF host first-ever Large Wood Field School

Participants in the 2018 Large Wood Technical Field School, hosted by TU and the Salmonid Restoration Federation. Photo: Dana Stolzman, SRF One of the biggest coldwater conservation challenges in the western U.S. is recovering coho salmon in California, the southernmost extent of the species’ historical range. Coho, one of four species of salmon native to … Read more

186 not just for anglers

As we enter the final days until the elections in Montana, TU is checking in with local businesses on why passing I-186 is important to them. This editorial from Stephanie Shammel, a rancher downstream of the Kendall Mine, originally appeared in the Billings Gazette. Check out our Instagram story about other Montana businesses who are … Read more

Fishing club or conservation group? Asked and answered

By Chris Wood Are we a conservation organization or a fishing club? That was the question for the Trout Unlimited Deerfield watershed chapter in northwestern Massachusetts when they formed almost ten years ago. Kevin Parsons tells the story: “A buddy approached me and said, ‘Let’s create a TU chapter.’ ‘Fine,’ I said “You be the … Read more

Intelligent tinkering

By Chris Wood It gives me great pride to live in a country that says it is our policy as a nation to “halt and reverse the trend toward species extinction, whatever the cost.” The Endangered Species Act is a patently American idea. Its presence demonstrates that we are not a desperate nation, hungrily grubbing … Read more

Yes for salmon

By Chris Wood Some bad ideas rise above others: New Coke, Diet Water, the Red Sox trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees. One of the worst ideas of all time? The proposal to build a mine in the headwaters of Bristol Bay, Alaska. Scientists during the during the Obama Administration said the mine was too … Read more

Reflections on another western fire season

By Tom Jones Those of us who live in the west have spent yet another frightening summer navigating our fire season, which has become longer and more intense over the years with climate change. On June 1, a fire started north of my home in Durango, Colo.. As the 416 Fire began to move toward us, my … Read more