Cruise the Tongass for conservation

Spring is coming early in Alaska this year. The sun is out (most days), the snow is quickly melting, and our nearby streams are starting to gain flow. Before long, the first salmon will arrive and the annual summer frenzy will be at full steam. For those hearty enough that know where to go, some … Read more

TU launches San Juan Wilderness campaign

Today, Trout Unlimited launched Sportsmen for the San Juan Mountains Wilderness to underscore the importance of protecting public lands for hunting and fishing opportunities. Partnering with conservation groups, businesses, and individuals, Trout Unlimited used the San Juan Mountains Wilderness Act to foster supporters across multiple spectrums who understand the need to protect these special places. … Read more

California proposes changes to inland trout angling regulations

A golden trout, the state freshwater fish of California, in all its glory. Editor’s note: To the extent that there can be an intersection between coldwater fisheries conservation and state angling regulations, and because fishing is the portal through which many people become interested in conservation, TU may get involved through our local members, chapters … Read more

Ticking time bombs in Appalachia

Editor’s note: TU President and CEO Chris Wood was invited to testify before Congress on innovative approaches and economic development opportunities of abandoned mine land reclamation. TU hopes to work with Congress to advance legislation to support this type of restoration work, both on coal and hardrock mines across the country. To learn more, visit … Read more

Walking under a trout stream

/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/blog/Screen-Shot-2019-03-25-at-2.17.12-PM.png The American Museum of Fly Fishing and Johnny Morris’ Wonders of Wildlife aquarium and museum in Springfield, Mo., will give curious anglers the chance to walk under a carefully crafted trout stream and see how trout move about the water column thanks to a new partnership between two entities. In addition, a large portion … Read more

Bipartisan effort needed to protect Great Lakes Restoration Initiative

By Taylor Ridderbusch   For the third consecutive year, the Trump Administration’s budget proposal looks to cut critical programs that protect and restore coldwater resources and that form the foundation of multi-billion dollar commercial and recreational fishing economies.   The proposal would significantly cut funding to the EPA and other agencies, essentially eliminating programs such as the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI), Section … Read more

Great Lakes Newsletter, Winter 2019

Trout Unlimited’s efforts in the Great Lakes region continue to expand and 2018 was a big year for accomplishments in both the field and in advocacy efforts. TU staff and volunteers worked on dozens of major stream restoration, protection and reconnection projects in the region. TU’s active involvement in important issues helped move the needle on issues … Read more

Protecting Bristol Bay… This One is Personal

By Chris Wood Last month’s release of the draft “environmental impact statement” to permit industrial-scale mining in Bristol Bay, Alaska, made me recall the first time I set eyes on that remarkable landscape nearly 12 years ago. Trout Unlimited was looking to expand our presence in Alaska, so I consulted Tim Bristol, a long-time Alaska … Read more