So, I wrote a letter to Jeep

So, I wrote a letter to Jeep. They ran an ad in the Super Bowl called The Road, that showed a Jeep running up the center of what looked like a stream. My eight year old son turned to me after it ran, and said “Dad, isn’t that really bad for the stream?” A few … Read more

Taking action to protect the places we live and love

This week’s news that the EPA was suspending the Clean Water Act’s protections for headwater streams was a stark reminder that elections have consequences. The previous presidential administration worked for years to write the rule, and the new one doesn’t like it. Game over, right? No. Don’t forget an unassailable fact—elected leaders are elected. By … Read more

What does the SCOTUS decision mean for clean water?

Yesterday, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that district courts across the country — not the circuit courts–should be the first to hear the merits of cases regarding the 2015 Clean Water Rule. In 2015, the Sixth Circuit stayed the Clean Water Rule nationwide. Pending the outcome of litigation in the district courts, yesterday’s decision potentially … Read more

Reconnection efforts continue on Utah’s Weber River

The Weber River is an important trout fishing destination in northern Utah offering excellent angling opportunities and provising a home for unique native fish species at the same time. Trout Unlimited started the Weber River Restoration Program seven years ago to improve fishing and increase native populations. Fluvial (migratory) Bonneville cutthroat trout in the mainstem … Read more

Making the world a better place

TU does more work than any other organization in the country to make fishing better. For example, in Mill Creek, a tributary to the Russian River in California, we worked for seven years with our partners to remove a dam to reopen 14 miles of critical spawning habitat for imperiled Coho salmon. Across the country … Read more

Looking back at 2017

By Chris Wood Last week, I had an hour between meetings in Carmel, California, so I called Tim Frahm, who directs our CA coastal steelhead work. He invited me to look at a project that Christy Fischer, his spouse, and he had worked on. Over chicken sandwiches they told me a riveting story about how … Read more

Inside the effort to repeal the Clean Power Plan

By Jim Wilson On Oct. 16, the Environmental Protection Agency proposed to repeal the Clean Power Plan, which is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the electric utility sector. The CPP was originally promulgated in 2015, and was expected to reduce carbon emissions in this country by more than 400,000 tons within 15 years. … Read more

Giving thanks

Seven years ago, I asked Marcia Woolman, the first woman to win the Ray Mortenson Award, the highest honor Trout Unlimited gives to a volunteer, what was most important for volunteers. Her response? “Chris, just say thank you.” Today, I begin every day thinking about Marcia’s counsel. How do you properly thank over 400 chapters … Read more