Prospecting blue lines

A trail generally follows the stream on its gentle course to Shoshone Lake. If you walk the trail, you might occasionally see a tiny brook trout finning in a deep, dark corner of the creek. More likely, if you’re not an angler and staring keenly through polarized lenses through clear water isn’t really your thing, you might notice a fish dart for cover as your shadow crosses the stream

IGFA changes rules, allows ‘droppers’ to be used in catch records

New rules only apply to salmonids, like trout, salmon, char and grayling The International Game Fish Association recently announced a change to its International Angling Rules, which are widely considered as the official rules of sport fishing. The recent change now allows anglers that are fly fishing to use two separate flies, or a “dropper” … Read more

Last Chance Purple Haze

I spent a couple of days last week on the Henry’s Fork’s upper reaches, trying to fool uber-educated trout in the Box Canyon and Railroad Ranch stretches of the river. This time of year, those tailwater sections of the river are likely the most hospitable to trout — it’s been hot (well, hot for Idaho), … Read more


Until now, no phone or tablet app was particularly useful in locating trout streams and finding public access to them.  Enter “TroutRoutes,” an app that maps trout streams in Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, South Dakota, Nebraska and North Dakota.  Montana, Wyoming and Michigan are on the way.   The app claims that there are over 4,000 streams shown … Read more