Sulphur Perdigon Nymph

Perdigon-style nymphs are great for anglers who need to get deep, and get deep quickly. Tied with lead-free wire and finished with a hard-finish UV resin, these flies drop like stones and don’t push too much water, which minimizes drag. Above, Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions ties his Sulphur Perdigon Nymph, just in time for … Read more

Trust the fly

Editor’s note: The following is excerpted from TU’s book, “Trout Tips,” available online for overnight delivery. Whether I’m fishing for striped bass in Massachusetts or trout in New Hampshire, my habit has been to choose a reliable fly pattern and stick with it. When not catching fish, I focus on presentation first and the fly … Read more

The Copper John

The Copper John is one of the most productive nymphs used for searching—this time of year, with runoff-swollen rivers and high, murky water, it’s an excellent option for getting down deep and attracting trout. The fly, originally tied by its namesake, John Barr, isn’t just a high-water fly, either. It’s a quality attractor that possesses … Read more

Four-quarter fly fishing

For years and years, fly fishing for trout, for me, was a three-period game, not a four-quarter contest. It was hockey, not football (even though I’m not much of a hockey guy). Depending on the season, the time of day or the weather, I’d go to my fly boxes and choose a fly from one … Read more

Different posts for different light

Editor’s note: The following is excerpted from TU’s book, “Trout Tips,” available online for overnight delivery. Guide Pete Cardinal reminded me of this one as we fished the Missouri River in Montana in early fall. It’s hard to beat a Parachute Adams as an all-around, do-anything dry fly. With a good cast, and a better … Read more

Flashback Pheasant Tail nymph

The venerable Pheasant Tail nymph is a fly box staple, and there’s a reason for that. It works. And it’s not the most onerous fly to tie, either, as demonstrated below by Matt Callies of Loon Outdoors, who cranks one out in just a few minutes. These great little nymphs also lend some versatility to … Read more

Three little nymphs

I love the way Matt Callies from Loon ties flies. Check that. I love the way he converses when he ties flies. You can tell Callies is a fly fishing guide and not just a vise junkie. He fishes what he ties, and he’s pretty pragmatic about what comes from his vise when all is … Read more

Selecting CDC, Part 2

Last week, Tightline Productions’ Tim Flagler taught us the CDC (cul-de-canard) basics—we know that the feathers come ducks or geese, near their preening glands. These feathers have lots of surface area, which helps them trap air and keeps the afloat quite well. Above, Tim shows us how various CDC feathers are used in common fly … Read more

Seine the water

My best tip to finding the right fly, especially if you are nymphing, is to seine the water before you start fishing. Spend $3.97 for a two-pack of five-gallon paint strainers at Home Depot, which will fit right over a net. Get a buddy to stir up rocks and river bottom a few feet upstream … Read more