Seattle Sports E-Merse Neo XL submersible phone case

By Scott Criqui There are times when we test products that are fishing specific, like a fly rod for example, and then there are times when we review more of an all-around product, like the well-designed E-Merse Neo XL from Seattle Sports. The benefit to receiving this type of product, is the ability to rigorously … Read more

Catch-A-Lure can help retrieve tree-bound flies

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a little suspicious of little plastic gizmos that look like they came from a late-night venture on some home shopping network. But sometimes you run on to a very simple idea that you wish you had invented yourself. Here’s one. It’s not expensive, and it’ll pay for itself in no time through reclaimed flies – yours or someone else’s. It’s called Catch-A-Lure, and it was invented by Dave Olexson, a lifelong angler from eastern Pennsylvania. I talked with Dave recently about this nifty piece of simple technology.

Patagonia hits the road to fix your gear … for free

Fly fishing soft-goods manufacturer Patagonia is starting its first-ever Worn Wear Fishing Gear Repair tour on April 13, and I’ll be visiting the Jackson Hole tour stop on May 3 to get a pair of Patagonia waders patched by the pros. For free. Patagonia’s Worn Wear wagon will hit the road, outfitted with new tools … Read more