Small-stream tactics in the age of non-native invasives

Native Rio Grande cutthroat trout. Contrary to many conservation-minded anglers, I am one who believes that, along with cockroaches, coyotes and Siberian elm trees, brown trout will survive the apocalypse. They possess many of the traits we Americans admire most: they are intelligent, confident, adaptable, rugged, ambitious and breathtakingly handsome. And for the time being … Read more

Giants and Minnows

The author and Bob Clouser By Jack Rodgers A few years before I started my internship at Trout Unlimited, I had the incredible opportunity to meet fly-fishing legend and inventor of the Clouser Minnow, Bob Clouser. Growing up in the Washington, D.C., area does not offer very many opportunities to catch trout. Fortunately for me, … Read more

Three fly-fishing knots everyone should know

Line to leader. Leader to tippet. Tippet to fly. If you can learn the three simple connecting knots for rigging your fly-fishing outfit, you can hit the water in almost any situation. The folks at Gear Junkie and Denver Outfitters teamed up to produce the super-helpful video above. It shows just how easy the knots … Read more

Women angling for conservation

A beautiful stretch of river in northern New Mexico. A group of women recently gathered in the forests of northern New Mexico to fish and explore conservation issues while thoroughly enjoying each other’s company. With abundant water and afternoon thunderstorms, the waters of the Rio de los Piños ran a bit turbid, but that didn’t … Read more

On second glance

A scenic shot of a trout stream.

A fairly average-looking run on a stream. Or is it? I’d been fishing a small native cutthroat trout stream in eastern Idaho, and came upon what, at first blush, looked to be a fairly featureless stretch of stream. But, as I got closer, I noticed a few things. The long “slick,” as I’ve taken to … Read more

“Live the Stream” – Meet Joe Humphreys

“Schedule it when I’m not around.” Meigan and Lucas Bell pestered me for weeks to host a showing of Live the Stream in the national office of Trout Unlimited. I am glad my assistant didn’t listen to my direction. Live the Stream is a fantastic movie. Its cinematography captures the essence of the “quiet sport.” … Read more

Goldfish in Alaska?

“Let’s go catch some goldfish.” This is not the phrase an Alaskan angler, or likely any angler, anticipates hearing. However, this summer it was brought to Anchorage residents’ attention that goldfish have been gleefully parading around an urban pond in colorful schools for some time.   With plans to eradicate the invasive species, and orders to catch and kill … Read more