New gear: Tom Morgan Rodsmiths gift creel

In the fly-fishing world, some “gear” items aren’t terribly functional. But Tom Morgan Rodsmiths fly rods are that and more—they’re made for you by craftspeople who have discussed the implement with you, and know exactly what you’re looking for. Working with graphite, glass and bamboo, these artists craft exceptional fly rods of the highest quality, … Read more

Trout Tips: Barefoot on the boat

This may go beyond actual trout fishing, but it’s a good lesson, and one that can be frustrating to learn. The simple truth is that fly line piled at your feet actually seems to look for something on which to get caught, and it usually finds it just as you’re making that money cast to … Read more

Fly tying: Wood Duck Heron

As a utilitarian fly tier, if I can find a fly that’s both simple to tie and effective on the water, I’m in a pretty good place. I like flies that I can a dozen of at a single sitting and not feel like I’ve been hunched over the vise for hours. Video of Wood … Read more

New gear: Simms G4 Pro Shift Pack

I was pretty sure that nothing could convince me to step away from my newfound “less is more” approach to trout fishing. Years ago, I was a vest guy—load up the pockets of the fishing vest with everything you need and off you go. Then I tried the lanyard approach, which I also loved, but … Read more

New gear: Cheeky’s new pliers and backing

As Cheeky’s Ted Upton says, “We like to have a little fun with our designs.” That would explain the rainbow of color options for the manufacturer’s quality fly reels—the color options give customers the ability to add a little personality to their angling. And now, Cheeky is expanding it’s “fun” product line to include new … Read more

Fly tying: The hobby knife

Back in my early newspaper days, when we actually used flats to lay pages out on lightboards, I never went anywhere without my trusty X-Acto knife. I used it to trim border tape, surgically slice columns to fit the allotted space and do all sorts of trimming once the actual journalism was done and producing … Read more

Trout Tips: Now is the time for lake trout

A lake trout from Shoshone Lake, Yellowstone National Park. Photo by Chris Hunt. I live within a two-hour drive of Yellowstone Lake, the site of one of the greatest environmental tragedies involving native trout in recent memory. In 1994, a non-native lake trout was caught and documented in Yellowstone Lake. Just over a decade later, … Read more

Fly tying: The Palomino Midge

Normally, when I hear Tim Flagler say that he’s tying a fly in a size 20, “but feel free to go smaller,” I just throw up my hands and resign myself to the fact that the pattern he’s demonstrated is for fingers smaller and more dextrous than mine. Video of Palomino Midge But, as you’ll … Read more

Fly tying: Working thread length

One of the most basic skill fly tiers must learn when getting into the craft is how to manage the thread as it comes off the bobbin. It seems simple, but I can’t count the times I’ve watched brand-new tiers trying to figure out just how much thread they need to work with as they … Read more

Trout Tips: Arrow tube? Or rod tube?

Years ago, I was fishing the Cardiac Canyon stretch of the Henry’s Fork over Father’s Day weekend, thanks to the able boatmanship of well-known guide Rod Patch. I’d never fished this stretch before, but rod put me and my fishing partner on fat and happy Henry’s Fork rainbows all day. It was epic. Rod set … Read more