Trout Tips: Dress flies so you can see them

Sometimes it’s just as important for you, the angler, to see your fly as it is for the fish to see it. Photo by Chris Hunt. Editor’s note: The following is an excerpt from TU’s book, “Trout Tips,” available online or in our annual gear liquidation sale, along with seasons one and two of TU’s … Read more

Fly tying: Black Bear Green Butt

It’s tough for me to get really excited about steelhead flies this fall–Idaho’s steelhead run as been dismal, so much so, that I haven’t bothered to make the trip to Salmon to swing flies. The last thing the few fish that made it home need is another angler harassing them. Video of Black Bear Green … Read more

Fly tying: Making your own fine-tipped bodkin

As a fly tier that tries to do things as affordably as possible—yet still have quality tools and materials to craft the best possible flies—I’m always on the lookout for tips and tricks to achieve my goals. Video of Fine Tipped Bodkin Bodkins are simple tools—just a sharp stretch of wire attached to a handle. … Read more

Trout Tips: Up or down? Dry or wet?

It’s OK to have a plan to fish a stretch of water. Just be ready to change it if the river tells you something different. Photo by Chris Hunt How you approach a stretch of trout water depends largely on how you intend to fish it. Generally speaking, if you’re planning to swing streamers, fishing … Read more

Fly tying: Brace yourself

When finishing tied flies to get rid of any stray materials or to simply make the fly look better, it’s important that you don’t just “free hand” it. Not all of us are Cool Hand Luke—we need a little help to be precise when we go after small fibers with a pair of tying scissors … Read more

Fly tying: Freestyle Fall Favorite

It’s a little tough this year to get excited about steelhead season here in Idaho—if there’s a season at all, thanks to what could be the smallest return of ocean-going rainbow trout to the Clearwater and Salmon rivers in 40 years. Nevertheless, steelhead flies are some of the most enjoyable to tie, and there are … Read more

Fly tying: Splayed Micro Fibbet Tails

Working with micro-fibbets can be a real pain, particularly for tiers who sport fat fingers (like I do!). But they can really add appeal to a fly, particularly mayflies that depend on that realistic look to attract trout. Video of Splayed Micro Fibbet Tails The video above offers up an amazingly simple way to properly … Read more

Trout Tips: How the fly looks to fish

Remember, it’s about how flies look to the fish. Photo by Chris Hunt. Some flies are meant to catch fish, and some flies are meant to catch anglers. I am always surprised by how some of the patterns I think are sure-fire winners because they look so snazzy turn out to be duds. And sometimes, … Read more

Fly tying: The Mop Hopper

Last week, I shared Tim Flagler’s video on building round rubber legs for terrestrial patterns. It’s a brilliant (and relatively simple) way of crafting rubber legs that always rest at that perfect 90-degree angle. Video of Mop Hopper Above, Tim puts the method to use in his Mop Hopper pattern, a great high-floating terrestrial that … Read more