Trout Tips: The stream not taken

Often, the best fish live in the waters others won’t walk far enough to reach. The following is exerpted from TU’s book, “Trout Tips,” available online now for overnight delivery. Fish places others don’t. There’s a difference between improving as a fly fisherman and improving your fishing. Spending time on technical, heavily pressured tailwaters can … Read more

Fly tying: Improved BWO Sparkle Dun

Blue-winged Olives might be the fly fisher’s best friend in the mayfly world. No, they’re not big. They’re not terribly enticing to tie a the vise. But, damn, on any blustery day, they could show up and quickly move up the menu for feeding trout. I love to fish the South Fork of the Snake … Read more

Fly tying: The WD 40 Plus

‘Tis the season for emergers. Cold-weather flies like midges and even Blue-winged Olives are popping on warmer winter days in rivers all over America, and trout are always looking for them. In the video below, Tim Flagler ties a popular fly with a couple of little variations—his WD 40 Plus is just a slightly fancier … Read more

Trout Tips: Finding the perfect fishing lodge

TU volunteer Steve Zakur found the right place for his adventure a couple years ago. I’m always a bit apprehensive about dropping big money on a far-flung fishing adventure to some distant lodge in the middle of nowhere. There are just so many things to consider, and the price and location are just a couple … Read more

Fly tying: Stripping quills

Quill-body flies are some of the most beautiful creations tiers can craft at the vise, but stripping feather quills can be kind of a pain. Video of How to Strip a Quill Here, the process is somewhat demystified by Tim Flagler, who shows us the best ways to strip both hackle quills and peacock quills, … Read more

Trout Tips: Tenkara in winter

Tom Sadler fishes Tenkara for winter brookies in a small Appalachian trout stream. I’ve tried everything to keep ice from accumulating on my fly rod guides during cold winter fishing trips. I’ve tried the paste and the sprays, and while they might work for a few minutes, they’ll eventually fail. It’s gotten to where I’ll … Read more

Fly tying: Electric caddis larva

With a good 80 percent of the country feeling like a deep freeze these days, it’s a good time to be talking about winter fly fishing. And winter flies, of course. Video of JC's Electric Caddis Larva Above, Tim Flagler walks through the process of tying John Collins’ Electric Caddis Larva, a great wintertime searching … Read more

Fly tying: Why use a rotary vise?

I’ve been tying (well, some would call it that, anyway) for a good 20 years, and while I tie generally for necessity and a bit of the pleasure that keeps me connected to fly fishing on days like today, when it’s all of 9 degrees outside, I’m not terribly accomplished at the vise. But I … Read more