Fly tying: The Klinkhamer

‘Tis the season for emerging insects on America’s great trout rivers. Here in Idaho, it’s full-on Blue-winged Olive season (in an infuriating size 20!). While traditional dun patterns can work well, I’ve found that trout are often keyed in on emerging BWOs well into the full hatch. And a BWO tied “Klinkhamer” style perfectly mimics … Read more

Fly tying: The skinny on adhesives

I’m a recent convert to the use of ultra-violet cure resins in my fly tying. The first time I truly experimented with this technique was several years ago when I spent a week of evenings tying sardina patterns for roosters and jacks on the Baja. I figured, correctly so, that dragging flies through the surf … Read more

Fly tying: Wood Duck Scud

Scuds are an important year-round source of food for trout, but I find flies mimicking them to be even more effective in fall and throughout winter. Scud patterns are also great for tailwater trout hunting—small flies dead drifted through fishy runs often get the attention of trout that have seen damn near everything. Video of … Read more

Fly tying: The Mickey Finn

A couple weeks back, I asked what your favorite fall streamer pattern was, and I got a lot of good answers, ranging from the Egg-sucking Leech to the Black Ghost to the venerable Mickey Finn. Video of Tying a Mickey Finn with Barry Ord Clarke In the video above, Barry Ord Clarke ties the Mickey … Read more

Trout Tips: Give the fish a break

Editor’s note: The following is exerpted from TU’s book, “Trout Tips,” available now for overnight delivery. If a trout misses your dry fly, or refuses it, move a short distance away. Give the fish a break; then go back with a different fly. That may be the one he’s looking for. — Dan Beistel, Oviedo, … Read more

Fly tying: October Caddis Skater

Not to be confused with the October Caddis Euro Nymph we featured from Tim Flagler last week, this high-floating dry fly is a multi-purpose weapon for fall trout that can be absolutely deadly. Video of October Caddis Skater The October Caddis Skater, as Flagler points out above, can be fished on the drift like a … Read more

Trout Tips: Have someone read to you

Editor’s note: The following is exerpted from TU’s book, “Trout Tips,” available online for overnight delivery. When I was learning to read books, I learned by having someone read to me. Soon, I was able to pick out a word or two, then sentences, paragraphs, etc. Eventually, I was able to read an entire book … Read more

Fly tying: October Caddis Euro Nymph

Here in the West, October caddis usually start to show up after the first chilly squalls of September. The same is true, according to Tim Flagler, in the Northeast. I love the October hatch because it will usually last through Indian Summer until the first in-earnest high-country snowfall, usually sometime in November. Video of October … Read more

Trout Tips: Beaver ponds

I love fishing beaver ponds. My first-ever brook trout was pulled from the bottom of a high-country beaver pond with my grandfather standing watch over my shoulder, many, many years ago. Since then, especially in high-elevation meadow streams, I’ve been on the lookout for beaver ponds that more than likely hold trout. Trout Tips | … Read more

Fly tying: My Friend the Sticky Pad

Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned a lot from Tim Flagler, fly-tying extraordinaire. Not only has he, through his video tying series that we feature each Friday here on the TU blog, helped become a better fly tier, but I really enjoy some of the simple little tips he shares to make my … Read more