Trout Tips: Walk, spot, stalk… and then cast

Editor’s note: The following is exerpted from TU’s book, “Trout Tips,” available online for overnight delivery. Too many anglers waste precious time blind-casting, hoping to hook fish. Fishing for the trophy fish is muc like hunting big game. The dedicated big-game hunter walks, spots, stalks, and then shoots; of course you don’t shoot (perhaps line), … Read more

Trout Tips: Let conditions choose your rod

An angler fishes a small mountain stream with a shorter, lighter fiberglass rod. For years, I’ve gravitated to lightweight and shorter fly rods, simply because I usually spend my summers chasing trout in tight quarters along snaking backcountry streams. The shorter rod length lends itself to fishing among overhanging willows, allows for tighter casts, shorter … Read more

Trout Tips: Dust your fly

This time of year, when dry-fly fishing is about all I do here on the creeks and streams of the Yellowstone region, I have become a fan of the silica-based fly “dusts” that help soak up water from spent dry flies and give them a second life. Most of us, when fishing dries, apply that … Read more

Trout Tips: Fly selection for lakes

Choosing the right fly for lakes might seem confounding, but here are a couple of rules to stick to—consider these the “foundation” for choosing flies for stillwater reservoirs, lakes and ponds: 1) Most coldwater lakes that have trout also have small aquatic insects called chironomids. These bugs slowly work their way to the surface, and … Read more

New gear: TroutHunter EVO nylon tippet

TroutHunter, the iconic fly fishing outfitter and fly shop in Island Park, Idaho, on the banks of the storied Henry’s Fork, is launching a new line of nylon tippet that the company claims has the strength of flourocarbon and floats better than other nylon tippets. Using EVO nylon technology, the company notes, the new tippet … Read more

Trout Tips: The lake cast

Fly casting from the open surroundings of a lake shore is one of the best ways to improve your technique and gain some casting confidence. But, as Russ Miller from Fishpond demonstrates below, casting can be even better if you position yourself for success. Cast Stillwater from Trout Unlimited on Vimeo. The idea is to … Read more

Trout Tips: The still-water retrieve

Fly fishing lakes for trout can be tricky. With an entire of body of water at their disposal and no need to make quick decisions on food that floats by like it might in a river, trout tend to dial in on what’s in the water at any given time. Still Water Retrieve from Trout … Read more

Trout Tips: Fly Fishing Lakes

We spend a lot of time talking about chasing trout in rivers and streams, but some of the best lake fishing of the year is under way all across the country. Trout Tips | Fly Fishing Lakes from Trout Unlimited on Vimeo. Above, Russ Miller from Fishpond offers up some introductory information, with more to … Read more

Trout Tips: Mending your line

When fly fishing water with conflicting currents, we must “mend” our line to get the best possible drift. Achieving the often mythical “drag-free” drift isn’t always possible, but we can usuall extend the life of a fly’s drift over productive water by mending. Trout Tips | Mending from Trout Unlimited on Vimeo. Above, Russ Miller … Read more

Trout Tips: See your fly better

Tying parachute-style flies can help anglers see the dry flies they’re fishing. This time of year, particularly on backcountry streams or during prolific big-bug hatches (think big salmonflies, for instance), it’s often just as important for you to see your fly as it is for the fish you’re after to track your offering. As I’ve … Read more