Trout Tips: The angler is part of the presentation

Dressing in muted colors, or even plaid or stripes, can help you blend into the background, making you harder for the fish to see. Editor’s note: The following is exerpted from TU’s latest book, “Trout Tips,” a compilation of fishing tips from members and TU staffers from all over America. You can order your copy … Read more

Trout Tips: Patience and deliberation

Editor’s note: The following is exerpted from TU’s newest book, “Trout Tips,” available for order today. Patience and Deliberation Count for a Lot Move slowly toward the river, and stalk patiently. It’s very easy to spook fish away before you’ve even thrown your first cast by not being quiet and mindful. Once you’ve stepped into … Read more

Trout Tips: Fly selection

Delaney Hunt with a Black Canyon rainbow. Photo by Chris Hunt. The second chapter in TU’s newest book, “Trout Tips,” deals with fly selection. When we fish new water, we’re often mystified at what the trout we’re after might, in turn, be after. Hence the age-old question, “What’re they hitting?” Several years ago, on southeast … Read more

Trout Tips: The throw bag

One of the many “little things” that can foul up your fly cast is a wandering elbow. First it’s tight to your side, like it should be. Then, after a while, you get a little tired and a little lazy and it starts to meander away from your side and, before you know it, it’s … Read more

Trout Tips: The new book

We’re very proud to release TU’s newest book, “Trout Tips,” a collection of tips and tricks from our staff and membership that’s designed to make all of us better anglers. Edited by Kirk Deeter, TU’s vice president of Trout Media and the editor of TROUT Magazine, the book is full of wonderful ideas and tips … Read more

New book, Trout Tips, is here!

Please buy this book, called Trout Tips. It only costs, $16.99, it will make TU stronger, and hopefully help you fish better too! Trout Tips is a new book that involves over 250 simple fishing tips from TU members and supporters… for trout anglers of all skill levels… and all the money goes straight to … Read more

Trout Tips: The wind

The wind is the perceived enemy of many a fly fisher, but, as Kirk Deeter points out in this week’s video, it needn’t be. The key, as Deeter puts it, is to “make friends with the wind.” Or, as he demonstrates, use the wind to your advantage, even when it’s in your face. The key? … Read more

Trout Tips: Ready to go

There are a lot of little tips for fly fishing expedience that may not actually help you catch fish, but might make it easier to start fishing. The tip offered up by Kirk Deeter in the video below is one such idea that has become second nature to me and a lot of anglers who … Read more

Trout Tips: 40 feet in four seconds

I stood there, thigh-deep in the green waters of Long Island in the Bahamas, staring intently through polarized lenses at the pod of bonefish working way happily my way. I’d never caught a bonefish, and this was clearly my best chance. Standing beside me was Rod Hamilton of DIY Bonefishing fame—he’d taken pity on the … Read more