Trout Tips: Beaver ponds

I love fishing beaver ponds. My first-ever brook trout was pulled from the bottom of a high-country beaver pond with my grandfather standing watch over my shoulder, many, many years ago. Since then, especially in high-elevation meadow streams, I’ve been on the lookout for beaver ponds that more than likely hold trout. Trout Tips | … Read more

Trout Tips: Small water, long casts

Small-stream angling is generally considered the “short game” of fly fishing—it’s rare that an angler would need to throw more than 20 feet or so. But that’s not always the case, and it pays to “bring a driver” on small water, too—come equipped with your double-haul. Chances are, you won’t need it, but when fish … Read more

Trout Tips: Small stream stealth

Trout in small, backcountry streams are opportunists, but that doesn’t mean theyr’e stupid. The old rule still applies: If you can see the fish, chances are, they can see you, too. When I fish small water, I like to put structure between me and the fish whenever possible, and I like to make my profile … Read more

Trout Tips: Dapping

When I was a kid, the first fly-fishing technique my grandfather ever shared with me was “dapping.” Rather than burden a 10-year-old with all the details of a complex fly cast, he would simply pull about three feet of fly line through the tip-top and put a hopper or some high-floating dry fly on my … Read more

Trout Tips: Small stream structure, part II

Trout in austere, backcountry creeks are oppotunists. The very thing that makes these streams so appealing to anglers—cold, cystal clear waters, amazing viewscapes, a wild, largely untouched setting—is what makes life so tough on small-stream trout. Food is scarce, and just about anything that looks like food will get a look from backcountry trout. In … Read more

Trout Tips: Pace of play

The world-famous Ridge Pool on the River Moy in Ireland. Editor’s note: The following tip is from TU’s new book, “Trout Tips,” available now for overnight delivery. If you are working from upsream to down, say, swinging streamders for steelhead or salmon, it’s important to cast, sweep, take a few steps, and cast again. In … Read more

Trout Tips: Small stream structure

I hear from a lot of anglers who prefer chasing big trout on big water that small-stream fly fishing is easy and that the fish aren’t as sophisticated as big-water trout. This may be true, in some instances, but I’m here to tell you that you’ll need more casts in your toolbox to effectively cast … Read more

Trout Tips: Small-stream fly patterns

I love small-stream trout fishing. High summer, when it finally arrives in the Rockies, is the perfect time to get into the backcountry and chase trout in smaller waters. In the video above, we cover some basic small-stream fly patterns that I like to use. I’ve always been a fan of using flies on small … Read more

Trout Tips: Rifle-shoot that cast

Editor’s note: The following is experpted from TU’s new book, “Trout Tips,” which is available for overnight delivery. When prospecting for trout, don’t flock-shoot and cast to the top of the run where you think there might be a fish and let your fly drift throught the whole run. Split the pool or run into … Read more

Trout Tips: Go different

Sometimes, picky fish will take something big and ugly. Something … different. Editor’s note: The following is exerpted from TU’s new book, “Trout Tips,” available now for overnight delivery. You probably know this, becuase it’s hardly a secret, but don’t get hung up on popular or traditional patterns. Sometimes, even on super-tough, technical water, fish … Read more