On second glance

A scenic shot of a trout stream.

A fairly average-looking run on a stream. Or is it? I’d been fishing a small native cutthroat trout stream in eastern Idaho, and came upon what, at first blush, looked to be a fairly featureless stretch of stream. But, as I got closer, I noticed a few things. The long “slick,” as I’ve taken to … Read more

Hopper-dropper fishing

With terrestrial season coming on strong throughout the country, it’s an obvious time to start flinging a hopper-dropper rig. But what’s the best way to do it? What knots make the most sense? How far below the high-floating hopper should the “dropper” nymph be? Here’s a great short video from the New Fly Fisher that … Read more

Sunny Days

I always look forward to the transition to wet-wading season. Here in the mid-Atlantic that usually hits in mid-May, unless you’re fishing a tailwater just downstream from a dam, in which case waders are still a must. Even with neoprene wading socks, the first steps into a chilly (but not frigid) trout stream can be … Read more

How to Read a River

Reading the water is an acquired skill. It’s an ability that’s honed over time, and one that takes into account not only a river’s physical characteristics, but how certain stretches might fish at certain times of the year … or even certain times of the day. Above, RIO’s Simon Gawesworth helps shorten the learning curve, … Read more

Watch before you fish

You wouldn’t tackle a math problem—even the simplest of equations—without first taking a second to figure out the variables and determining where to start with your efforts to solve it, would you? Now, apply that logic to fly fishing. It’s always a good idea to take a look at a stretch of water, just as … Read more

How to double-haul

I was reminded this week of the importance of being a good caster and not getting too dialed into your more frequent fly-fishing targets. I live in eastern Idaho. Trout country. A long cast on a small backcountry trout stream might be 30 feet, and that’s rare. But Idaho boasts more than trout, and this … Read more

How to Drift a Soft-hackle

Last week, RIO Product’s Simon Gawesworth showed us a great way to swing soft-hackle flies for big-river trout. This week, Simon shows us how to drift a soft-hackle for working trout. There are some notable differences, obviously. First is the technique. When swinging a soft-hackle, you’re interested in line tension and the action of the … Read more