TU advocacy is grounded in science

“In lobbying advocacy, you have just a minute or two to make a point. If you can’t do it effectively in that time you are done and out,” said Steve Moyer, Vice President of Government Affairs for Trout Unlimited. “The TU Science team gives us the opportunity to make that first meeting count by providing credible, accurate and effective messaging. I’ve seen it over and over, particularly with Waters of the United States.”

Interview with Richard Louv

Richard Louv joined Trout Unlimited to discuss public lands, the pandemic and his newest book, “Our Wild Calling.” Louv, a former journalist, is best known for his 2005 book, “Last Child in the Woods,” which sparked an international movement to re-connect children with nature. Since then, he has also published “The Nature Principle,” in 2011 … Read more

TU staffers celebrate Public Lands Month

To celebrate Public Lands Month, many TU staffers took to their local public lands and waters to participate in #ResponsibleRecreation. Staying close to home while still getting out to enjoy the outdoors has been imperative for many during the pandemic. Here are some of their stories: Exploring public land heritage along the Columbia River Tsagaglalal.  … Read more