Reconciliation for fish and people in California’s Central Valley

Dr. Rene Henery leads a small team of Trout Unlimited program staff who work on improving and restoring habitat, passage and flows for imperiled Central Valley salmon and steelhead. This effort has taken promising strides over the past several years toward a collaborative, adaptively-managed approach to rebuilding wild runs of native fish and the fisheries … Read more

Fish swam in schools 50 million years ago

According to a new study produced by researchers from Arizona State University and the Oishi Fossils Gallery of Mizuta Memorial Museum in Japan, fish swam in schools 50 million years ago, indicating that the “shoaling” practice of many fish is an ancient behavior. Using a fossilized slab of rock that formed during the Eocene Epoch … Read more

SRF honors TU California staff, grassroots leader

TU’s Anna Halligan and Mary Ann King accepting the 2019 Nat Bingham Memorial Restorationist of the Year Award from the Salmonid Restoration Federation. On April 26, the Salmonid Restoration Federation (SRF) presented major awards to two Trout Unlimited staff and one of our grassroots leaders at the SRF annual awards dinner. Anna Halligan, director of … Read more

‘A Nation’s River’ highlights TU’s efforts in the Potomac headwaters

Dustin Wichterman lives trout.  By day he manages Trout Unlimited’s restoration and protection work in the Potomac headwaters.  Most of the rest of the time he’s either fishing for trout or dreaming about fishing for trout.  And a big part of that dream is that one day the Potomac headwaters will again regularly churn out native brook trout pushing … Read more

Hope for Idaho’s Salmon

“I have concluded that I am going to stay alive long enough to see salmon return to healthy populations in Idaho.” Those words by U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) at a conference at the Andrus Center last week may do more to project the recovery of the imperiled Snake River salmon and steelhead than multiple … Read more