Collaboration is king among Pacific Northwest agencies

Editor’s note: TU sent a handful of college students to the Pacific Northwest for this year’s TU Costa 5 Rivers Odyssey to study and fish in the Columbia River basin. Oregon State University’s campus is home to the U.S. Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station where the Odyssey group was fortunate enough to sit in … Read more

5 Rivers Odyssey: Matteo Moretti

I’ve always been OK owning the title of that “fishing guy” pretty much everywhere I go because, after all, that’s who I am. Ever since my uncle introduced me to fishing, I haven’t had a second go by when I don’t think, speak or dream of fishing. For me, fishing is the glue that has … Read more

A tale of water, reclamation and tough decisions

The 2018 5 Rivers Odyssey crew. Photo courtesy of Flylords It is that time of the year: long days, great hatches, and the 5 Rivers Odyssey. Now in its third year, this year’s 5 Rivers Odyssey participants will be exploring the Pacific Northwest for the next five weeks. In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, … Read more

The value of new technology: eDNA and O. mykiss

By Natalie Stauffer-Olsen, PhD. It is always exciting when new technology becomes available that can help us understand, manage and protect wild steelhead, the mavericks of the Pacific salmonids. Steelhead and rainbow trout populations can be difficult to predict, model and understand because of their very plastic (scientific term for highly variable) life histories, from juveniles to … Read more

Get your boots wet for conservation

By Paul Burnett Trout Unlimited members often ask about opportunities to engage with active and ongoing conservation projects. Grassroots-based programs like willow planting and Trout in the Classroom are great ways to contribute, but are also seasonal in nature and volunteering to help with fish sampling efforts can be hit or miss. Many of our … Read more

Reconciliation for fish and people in California’s Central Valley

Dr. Rene Henery leads a small team of Trout Unlimited program staff who work on improving and restoring habitat, passage and flows for imperiled Central Valley salmon and steelhead. This effort has taken promising strides over the past several years toward a collaborative, adaptively-managed approach to rebuilding wild runs of native fish and the fisheries … Read more

Fish swam in schools 50 million years ago

According to a new study produced by researchers from Arizona State University and the Oishi Fossils Gallery of Mizuta Memorial Museum in Japan, fish swam in schools 50 million years ago, indicating that the “shoaling” practice of many fish is an ancient behavior. Using a fossilized slab of rock that formed during the Eocene Epoch … Read more