Time to change the view

I got a call from the RV repair shop this morning. My camper’s ready. Wheel bearings are packed and greased. Brakes are in good shape. Lights all work. It’s time. Well, it’s almost time. I’ve got a few things I need to do first, and it would be nice if spring actually started springing around … Read more

Overlooked brookies of Ontario

My TU coworker Mark Taylor has a great laugh. Kind of a mix between a giggle and guffaw. A guffawggle, if you will. I know this because I’ve seen Mark in any number of circumstances—mingling with conference attendees at a hospitality suite, surrounded by his great family having dinner, casting to Arctic grayling in Alaska, … Read more

When “yesterday” actually happens today

Matt Jennings and I are standing on the bank of Wisconsin’s Root River on an early spring day. And we are plotting. “I think we need to cross down there,” says Jennings, who then starts pointing his fly rod at various spots in the river.  “We’ll hit that one first, then that one, and then … Read more

From Bigotry to Brook Trout

We’ve all heard stories about the healing power of water and fly fishing. At Trout Unlimited, our chapters and volunteers devote significant resources to helping physically and emotionally wounded veterans heal from the horrors of war. But it’s more than that. Ask any die-hard fly fisher why they fish, and, after getting through all the … Read more

Only a few BWOs to go around

By Eric Booton Frustration is exhaled from behind my fully zipped collar, and the cloud of vapor fills the drawn hood of my wading jacket, fogging my lenses, furthering the frustration. I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews of this impressively clear and painfully cold spring creek. With an exception or two, I was easily able to round … Read more

The end of the world as we know it

Maybe the most etherial flight from Denver follows the spine of the Rockies, the high Divide separating east from west that limbos beneath the Gulf of Mexico and winds its way through the isthmus of Panama, into the South America and on down to the curling tusk of Cape Horn.