The effort to save wild salmon from California to Alaska has been costly, and with a few notable exceptions, largely ineffective. Humankind, over the centuries, has continually put up obstacle after obstacle for wild salmon to conquer, and the numbers are dwindling. Video of Artifishal | The Fight to Save Wild Salmon The new film, … Read more

Protecting Bristol Bay… This One is Personal

By Chris Wood Last month’s release of the draft “environmental impact statement” to permit industrial-scale mining in Bristol Bay, Alaska, made me recall the first time I set eyes on that remarkable landscape nearly 12 years ago. Trout Unlimited was looking to expand our presence in Alaska, so I consulted Tim Bristol, a long-time Alaska … Read more

Greater Little Mountain: Doing it the right way

A young pronghorn fawn attempts to avoid detection within the Greater Little Mountain Area in southwest Wyoming. Josh Duplechian/Trout Unlimited By Brett Prettyman “The Little Mountain area is considered by many to be the crown jewel for wildlife and recreation.” Former Wyoming Governor David Freudenthal Special places only stay that way if they are protected. … Read more

Utah approves TU’s first in-stream flow lease

A recently acquired water lease on Utah’s Weber River could help migratory native Bonneville cutthroat populations survive low water events. Trout Unlimited photo. By Paul Burnett Working within the constraints of Western Water Law to develop mechanisms for keeping water in streams is a slow and difficult process. After several years of groundwork from Trout … Read more

New Brand Guidelines Are Here

Written by Joel Johnson So far we have trained over seventy five volunteer leaders at TU on the new TU brand guidelines. In August and September through two webinar workshops, volunteers received detailed instruction on how to apply the new brand assets – namely the new national TU logo, and guidance on incorporating the new … Read more